Radio Interview

By JoCo June 26, 2006

I did an interview for a radio show called The SciFi Zone which aired two days ago on a few stations and I forgot to tell you all because I am A FOOL! But you will be able to listen to the mp3 if you get the podcast, or just get it from this page as soon as it’s posted, which should be any day now. Thanks Meghan!


Glenn says

Luckily I got my info directly from Meghan that you were going to be on there. It's good to have sources.

It hasn't appeared in iTunes yet. Nope, not now. Is it there yet? Nope, not yet. Not now either...

Matt Mobley says

How about now?

Glenn says

Still nothing...

Matt Mobley says


Glenn says

Is it much farther now, Papa Smurf?

Ian says

Saw the Zombie Video over at Wired Online :
Fun song, I don't know who did the video but that was fun too.

Meghan says

Sorry all . . . am looking into getting the upload done ASAP.

Glenn says

Fortunately we still have the Coulton Pop Science Theater 2000 broadcast to tide us over.

No worries, Meghan, I'm sure you've been very busy since emerging from the hibernation chamber.

Dave says

It's up now.