Ikea Video

By JoCo June 20, 2006

Kerrin’s posted a second video over at The Jonathan Coulton Project, this time for Ikea. Good work internets!


jpez says

Eh...I wish it were more than just a slideshow.

jpez says

YouTube link (which they failed to mention on the site): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTJEtMSuMqg

m2 says

I hate to be a downer here, but:

This video slideshow format worked perfectly for "Flickr" (for obvious reasons). It just doesn't work for other songs. (especially in the case of "Ikea"). It's a funny song that is less funny when this video accompanys it.

Lauren says

Once again, work firewalls prevent me from doing something fun. Argh.

Anyway, Mr. Coulton, I was planning on attending your show on July 29th, as I will be in the area to see a baseball game that night, and a question arose. Do I have to buy a ticket into Confluence to see your show? I was just wondering.


Eric Ginsberg says

There have been a TON of various video submissions in the last few months. There's been flash, there's been flickr, there's been video games...I think it's time to make a new heading, between bio and press: Videos. Just throw them all up with a disclaimer that they're submissions from fans. Oh, and it also may be time to take me up on that idea I had a few months back about TMBG's "Here Come the ABCs" meets "Shorties Watchin' Shorties". Oh, I think it is.


Lauren says

Neeeevermind about that. The Confluence guy got back to me XD I look forward to seeing you in July.

*goes back to playing Spider Solitaire*

James says

I liked the videos.

Kerrin says

In response to 'm2' who said the Flickr video format doesn't work for songs other than the Flickr song.

That is your opinion, and you are allowed to have it, but I disagree. If you prefer the song without the video, don't watch it. I am just trying to give people a video option. And I hope this will help get Jonathan's songs to more people, which is my main driving reason for spending hours on each video.

It may not be the best video possible, but if you think you can do better, please do.

Matt Mobley says

I have to say I don't think this one worked as well as Flickr or your last one, but it certainly wasn't bad and definately wasn't a waste of time. As long as you're having fun making them, I say go for it.

Kerrin says

I do agree, Over There was a better video, the words were easy to find pictures for. Although, do like this one too.

Matt Mobley says

Over There reminded me of sitting at somebody's house watching slides of their vacation. Only entertaining.

Andrew Becraft says

Kinda funny to see my little LEGO Norsemen in a music video. (Hurray for Creative Commons!)

Great song, Jonathan, and cool video, Kerrin!

Janet says

For three years it vas, ja, that I worked at an IKEA (DC area) and I have to say that I adored this video. That was an actual INGO table! Those are the wacky little Instructions people! Those are the exact right carts! Every time I see it I see more details I love, so kudos to Kerrin. I have probably watched that video fifty times, and still enjoy it.