Hey Diddle Diddle, Here’s Your Damn Fiddle

ByJoCo June 20, 2006

I got a nice fiddle part from Larry for “Just as Long as Me” and have mixed it in with the original tracks. I think it improves the song greatly, and makes my bluegrass faking sound plenty less fake. Larry plays with a band called Gaia Consort, a self-described psychedelic folk-rock band. Give it a listen. Thanks Larry!


Michael says

Impressive! Not that the original didn't work — it did (when did you learn mandolin?). But the addition of the fiddle rounds things out even better. The extra voice doesn't hurt either. They all add up to something I certainly wouldn't be surprised to hear on the Opry.

Vintage Daisy says

That's my guy! The best damn fiddler moonlighting at Microsoft. :)


Aron Head says

Wow! I do loves me some fiddlin'! That's great!

Batshua says

Is that going to become part of "Other Experiments"?

Leigh says

That is frickin amazing.

Dan says

I hear echoes of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" in this song.

Shumway says

It's some mighty powerful fiddlin', but I think it's too much, sometimes distracting rather than augmenting. My first thought is to mix it in only for the chorus.

"Long as Me" has some of the best lyrics you've written, and I really appreciate that you're stretching yourself stylistically. Next: nerdcore?