VTAW – Rock and Roll Boy

By JoCo June 19, 2006

When he was born, he was just a young boy…


Dan says

I resemble this picture. But I wanted to be Peter Criss, not Gene Simmons.

Kevbo says

I had that tape recorder!

Kodamakitty says

I had it too! It was by panasonic and it was white - I still have it, but I don't know if it runs as fast as it used to. Kinda like me - lol. Great job, Len!

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

> but I don’t know if it runs as fast as it used to. Kinda like me

James Keelaghan (http://www.keelaghan.com/) wrote a song with this theme, only it was about a river in Alberta.

Leigh says

Not that this really has anything to do with the fantabulous Rock and Roll Boy, but I TOTALLY just quoted JoCo on a US History final.

JoCo says

Um, I call "more detail" on that one. And I'd like to know what grade you got (if it was good, that could be a good marketing strategy for me).

Greg Williams says

This has to be my favorite VTAW so far, Len. It's just so ... wholesome. And appropriately colorful. With just a hint of a darker future.

Hank says

Am I the only one who hopes that Leigh is refering to "Taft was big and fat and had a mustache"?