Own a VTAW

By JoCo June 17, 2006

Len and Nora at Jawbone have started a fund raising campaign to send them to the Portable Media Expo in September. They’re offering an original drawing from Len’s Thing a Week images to the first person who donates $200. This is a piece of history people. You will be the envy of every Jonathan Coulton fan on your block and all it will cost you is two hundred tiny dollars.


Len says

I should mention that you are getting the orginal artwork for the VTAW of your choice. The finished VTAW is all done in Photoshop. What you are getting is the original pencil sketch that begins the VTAW. Personally. I think the pencil sketches are more interesting than the finished VTAW since there are a lot of lines and nuances that don't show up in the final comp. But as far as any kind of original artwork, this is it. If you have any questions, feel free to post em here or e-mail me. And if you'd like to see all the VTAW's that you have to choose from click here:


I should mention that some of the VTAW pencils are pretty raw because I knew I was going to take them into another phase when I was drawing them, so if you have any interest in these, I'll let you know if it's a good choice, or if you should choose another one. If I may make a recommendation, most of the VTAW's from the karaoke CD are really excellent, though.