Video for Over There

By JoCo June 16, 2006

Kerrin has sent in a video for Over There using images from Flickr – it looks as though he’s planning on creating a few of these, since he’s gone to the trouble of setting up a whole web page and everything called The Jonathan Coulton Project, (or JoCoPro for short – awesome). All of this makes me feel very important, almost as important as someone like Alan Parsons.


Len says

Totally awesome, Kerrin! Great job!

I love the "ding dongs" photo.

Kerrin says

I was quite happy with the ding dong picture myself, my favorite picture was the donkey one, as I made my self laugh when I did a search for arse on Flickr and got a donkey. Alas, that was the image where the timing kept going wrong with the re-encoding from Windows Movie to Mpeg. It took me a week to find a solution.

I'm still not happy with the movie software I'm using, but at least it works better than the rest.

I feel humbled that not only Jonathan Coulton likes it, but now Len does too!

Matt Mobley says

I said it before, but I have to say my favorite is still the guitar guy at the beginning. Or as I call him, Bizzaro Coulton.

Andrine says

This is stellar work. I look forward to more 'videos' from Kerrin. Let's see what you can do with Shop Vac...