Concert Video

ByJoCo June 13, 2006

Alex sends links to some videos taken at the last show (which was very weird – did I mention it was in a dance studio?). For those of you who haven’t seen me before, you should know that normally these things happen at actual music venues with booze and crowds and sound systems and everything. As I say, weird. But I guess if you’re desperate to know what it looks like when I do what I do, these will give you a good idea. I myself cannot watch them, but then again, I am a self-loathing giant squid. Thanks Alex for taking the time to do this.
Code Monkey
Baby Got Back
The Future Soon
The Town Crotch
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Skullcrusher Mountain


Glenn says

I heart the giant squids. In fact, today I am wearing my "Welcome Squid Overlords" t-shirt.

paul says

That is great. I've wondered what songs you play live.

I was going to ask for a rundown of set lists, but this is even better.

Matt Mobley says

That's pretty cool. Makes me wish I lived even remotely close to the east coast.

The show's better with booze, you say? I'll have to try that.

Kodamakitty says

There's also a photo set of you on flickr from Pop! Tech 2004 - they're quite handsome, in a young Kenny Loggins, glad-you-trimmed-your-nosehairs sort of way. The venue looks a bit like a comedy club, or Eurovision...

Alex says

I also managed to get some photos, they aren't great because they aren't during mid song because i was taking movies, but here they are anyway. - me with john rocking out :) - this photo is horrible because i didnt have the flash on and thus tried to fix it... i didnt have many photos, normally i would throw one like this out but...

Michael says

Hey, Len! Don't miss that 159786623 pose...

Michael says

And thanks, Alex. I agree with Matt: while this may not be satisfactory until JoCo comes to Indianapolis, it'll help.

Kevbo says

*holding lighter in the air*


\m/ \m/

mhenry1384 says

159786623 is awesome.

Craig says

Are you sure there was no booze at this show? The person holding the camera *couldn't* have been sober. : )

Ian says

Shows are often better with booze, especially if you're Irish/Scottish like me! Performing is occasionally better with booze, occasionally worse: roll 3d6 saving throw against drunkenness. Perfoming "Ikea" on guitar at Open Mic Night while somewhat tipsy on beer and forgetting the words to the last verse is not recommended, trust me.

Jonathan, you may be poorly lit but you sounded pretty decent.

Kerrin says

All I can say is Whoo!

Darth Snoopy says

Awwww... I really love the CodeMonkey video. :)

Jeff says

i was at the show these videos are from. there was booze.

matt says

is there any way to downlaod these videos?

awry1 says

Download video player here:
Then download video files from site by selecting "manually download this video" after clicking on "Download" button on the right-hand side of the page.
Skullcrusher Mountain:

Andrine says

I have to admit that I prefer the recordings, not because I don't love seeing Jonathan's pretty face, but because the wonder and brilliance of his songs have so much to do with the depth of the musical commentary fully produced and can't come across with a simple guitar on stage. Still, nice to see your pretty face.

Josh says

I think that is way cool. But it works much better with The Future Soon than with Code Monkey.