VTAW – Not About You

By JoCo June 12, 2006

Just for the record, Len usually has drawn something and sent it to me about 20 minutes after the song gets posted. The only reason it takes days for them to show up here is because I am lazy (also, I try to take weekends off from the internet). So imagine you saw this about three days ago…


Ben says

This is fantastic, and best of all includes the work from the previous VTAW. nicely done as always.

Glenn says

Oh, creepy. They mentioned your name on Sci-Fi Zone within a SECOND of me clicking here to comment.

Any chance of having these images link to a full-size image so we can read the no doubt amusing text?

I love that he's holding the "I Am Sensitive" album.

Len says

Glenn, you can see a full size image here as well as all the VTAWs. :)

Glenn says

Ha, thanks. I'd just looked it up on Flickr. Turns out one of my mutual contacts posted it!

matt says

Why does that guy remind me of me? Everything that's written around him does.

Spiff says

It's cute, but all the text becomes a big blur when the image gets shrunk down to iPod viewing size.

Len says

Sorry. I blame Matt Groening. :(

Matt Mobley says

Ugh. He ranks right up there with George Lucas in my eyes. Had a great thing, killed it and morphed into a giant pompous ass.

Code Monkey says

I also love the "I Am Sensitive" album.

And for the record, I don't blame Matt Groening for The Simpons way-too-long run, I blame FOX. Sure Groening may be responsible for continuing to produce crappy episodes, but it's more fun to blame FOX, since they're responsible for the premature deaths of such shows as Firefly and Wonderfalls. Also, part of me believes that if FOX had kept Futurama (it always was superior to The Simpsons in ever way, after all) on the air, it might've replaced The Simpsons and it would've been canceled a few seasons back.

Sorry, but I must use every opportunity I get to gripe about FOX. Canceling Firefly after only 14 episodes (which were never marketed properly in the first place) was irritating enough, but unfortunately that's not the only show they've treated that way. *grumble grumble*

shirley ferguson 5 says

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shirley ferguson 5 says

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