Thing a Week 36 – Not About You

By JoCo June 9, 2006

Ah, denial. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you going. This one cried out for hand claps from start to finish, but I resisted – the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Funny story: while I was recording this, I got a call from the Gin Blossoms. They want their pre-chorus back.

Not About You

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Radek says

Sweet first coment! As usual great work JC (Although this reply is not about you) great work!

Erin says

Hey, the Gin Blossoms called ME last week, too! They want all the stuff I took out of their van back.

I love it and I clapped throughout. Sorry.

Alex says

Oh my god, so awesome, this kicks "your so vain" in the ass with a steel toed boot.

Ian says

With all of these not-taking-the-breakup-well-and-being-kind-of-obsessive-and-dysfunctional songs, I can't imagine what your lady might be thinking. I wish her well.

Alex says

Yeah, Ian has a point there, i was incredibly surprised that you had a wife, we need to have a song about marriage for a thing a week one day.

Eric Ginsberg says

GREAT work! I love the song (especially the chorus). LOVE the synth in the chorus. My only ciritcism is that it seems unfinished. After the third chorus, I was hoping for a bridge, maybe a solo, and then the chorus one more time, with a repetition of "Yeah, shove it up your big fat ass. This one is not about you." Your thoughts?


Dennis says

Is it just me or does the beginning of the song sound a lot like That Spells DNA?

Dave says

Yeah, I once broke up with a girl because she stopped returning my phone calls, too...

Barbie says

I love it lve it love it! Damn you and your songs that stick in my head forever.

Terisa says

He already wrote a song about marriage, Alex - it's called "Shop Vac". Wonder what his wife thinks of that one. :|

I happen to think it's awesome.

Zaiem says

Very nice, catchy song; another excellent TAW. I agree with Eric, however, that it is somewhat unsatisfying in the way it ends. An extra chorus or something would really meaten out the finish.

Hey, have you ever considered hand claps? I know, it sounds crazy...but just hear me out on this one. You could use hand clapping as a rhythmic device! I'm certain this has never been done before, so I'm not sure how it would turn out, but I bet it would be totally sweet.

Kyle says

This is an awesome song! And Zaiem if you read the Origional post JoCo said he had a urge to ad hand claps.

JOCO IS AWESOME! although that was apparent. One of my friends said if it weren't for JOCO his life wouldn' have meaning.

Glenn says

JOCO is a trademarked of amalgated amalgamations, incorporated, LLC. Do not taunt happy fun JOCO.

This is really about me, isn't it?

I'm looking forward to the Sci-Fi Zone. Megan seems pretty cool, but I'm a little concerned about her romantic pursuits. This new guy seems like trouble.

Mack says

wow. awesome. Perfect timing for me unfortunately. I am going to rock out to this while not thinking of my ex-girlfriend now.

James Garrett says

Very nice, Jonathan. This no doubt will get played over and over and over and over.. and over and over..

TechniCool says

Catchy - want it for my ringone. Thanks

Leon says

i laughed so hard i couldnt breathe. exceptional work

Derek says

Lol, i'm living this right now!