VTAW – Soft Rocked

By JoCo June 4, 2006

Len continues his astounding output with these two submissions. They make me feel almost as awful as I do when I listen to the song.

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jpez says

Genius! Easily my favorite VTAW thus far!

Matt Mobley says

Jahn Coulton sings your favorite love songs including:

Have I told you lately (Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t)

I swear (a lot)

Stick on you

Here and Now (Get me a beer)

Time After Time and still you don’t listen

Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Thousand, Nine hundred Ninety-Nine in a Million You

Can’t we try? (I mean, come on! Your sister did it!)

How am I Supposed to Live Without You Cleaning up After Me?

What a Fool Believes (aka Everything I’ve said)

You are so Bootyful

And much MUCH more!

Michael says

Minus the mustache and beard, and I'm seeing a strong reseblence to John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful.



Bob says

I like the list of side-effects in the disclaimer, but how could you leave off the all-time greatest side-effect ever: Massive Anal Bleeding? :)

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

One of Matt's proposed titles was:

How am I Supposed to Live Without You Cleaning up After Me?

Wasn't this called 'Take Care of Me'? (TAW III:2)

Matt Mobley says

Could be. I was just goofing off.

Metroplitan says

Dude! I have to push the glass of milk far, far away from me when i listen to anything you record, or write, or publish.

My keyboard asked me nicely, after that first dowsing.

Mr. Sensitive, indeed.
Keep it going, k?

Kevbo says

I think I had that 8-track in the 70's. $5.95 plus shipping and handling to some place in Grand Central Station.

It's quite obvious Johnathan is merely the reincarnation of Rupert Holmes.

Now I know he's not dead, (Rupert that is) but just work with me here folks.

No wait. It's really Joey Scarbury trying to make a comeback.

Glenn says

Whee, soft rocked by spammers!

Erin says

I don't know, I'm really trying but I can't seem to get past the 4 - 8 week delivery problem.

Is there maybe an 800-number I can call or something?

glych says

I'm surprised that "The First of May" isn't included on this album...


Glenn says

I noticed Mr. Hodgman dropping a reference to Brookline in his expert appearance on the Daily Show last night. This feels like the foreshadowing before the big reveal -- someday Jon will announce very special guest Jonathan Coulton. And the crowd goes wild.

Either that or the dramatic appearance of a robot army from the moon.