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By JoCo June 1, 2006

Just a reminder, I’m doing a show in Manhattan this Saturday June 3. Details are here:

West Memphis Three Awareness Day Benefit Concert
Sat, June 3rd – 8pm
37 W.26th St. (9th Floor) – b/w Broadway and 6th Ave
NYC, NY 10010

$10/All Ages

[Doors at 8pm]
8:30pm – Joie Blaney (of Dead Blonde Girlfriend)  [acoustic]
9:00pm – Johnathan Coulton [acoustic]
9:30pm – Famous
10:15pm – Pale Horse
11:00pm – Primer Black
11:45pm – Against the Wall

Best Subways:
F/V to 23rd St.
1/9/R/W to 28th
Or the PATH to 23rd St.


Eric Ginsberg says

Hey, I heard you're also playing a show in Red Bank, NJ, on July 25th, with some dude, Eric Ginsberg. He and I have the same name. That's cool. He's probably better looking and cooler than I am, however. Oh, and something about Carolyn Selheim opening up, and you headlining, and the show being free. I don't remember much else other than 6:30PM at Riverside Gardens Park (West Front St., between Broad and Maple). Yeah, that's all I remember.

C Ya,

Chris Radcliff says

Dutifully added to Eventful.

Now if I could just figure out what the place at 37 W.26th St. (9th Floor) is called these days, now that Kavehaz is closed. The Google, she tells me nothing. Darn you, out-of-date internets!

brandon says

Someone needs to tape/record it for us American West Coasters and Aussie East Coasters. :)

Pretty Please?

Barby says

And us Canadians too.

Gle3nn says

That would be a good thing a week when you have nothing else ready. A recording of you live anywhere would be great.

Alex says

I'm bringing my camera, i was planning on recording a movie, low quality but thats not really the point, its just supposed to laugh, you are ok with being recorded right?

JoCo says

Yep, if you want to record the show that's fine with me.

Paul says

it's always great when someone comes on after an act that played way too loud and was kind of out of touch with the audience comes on stage and just powerhouses everyone back to reality with raw talent. i know i complimented you at the show, and i don't want to be a kiss-ass, but damn JC, bravo. If the set would've been like 3 to 15 songs longer, and if that snare behind you wouldn't have been going ballistic whenever you let your voice get loud, the show would've been pretty much flawless. also, i would've preferred more synth.

Lola says

Come to Europe! We love you too!