DC Interview

By JoCo May 29, 2006

Before the show at Jammin’ Java I sat down with blogger Dave and did a little interview, which is now available on his blog. If you want to know what I have to say about this and that, you should read it.

Wow, three posts today. Can you tell I’m just going through my inbox?


brandon says

I read your interview, and part two has the set list at the bottom. Ever consider taping a show and posting it? I live all on the west coast, and I'll probably never get to see you live. Sucks to be me, I know.

Cecilia says

Brandon lives on the west coast - I live on the east coast - OF AUSTRALIA! any chance of a visit over here? Brisbane has an alright live music scene - and I could put you up - have a king size bed in my spare room (just have to get rid of the lodger!!)

Dave says

Thanks, Brandon. I was going to as JoCo if it was OK for me to record the show, but forgot.