Another WoW Video

ByJoCo May 26, 2006

Mike sends a second World of Warcraft video, this time for “Just as Long as Me.” I think this one works even better than the zombies one – I just love the shot over the boat at the end. Mike, what I can’t figure out is, if you spend all your time working, and also all your time playing World of Warcraft, when do you have time to spend all your time making WoW videos?


Mike says

That's the central dilema for all WoW players, isn't it -- somehow we find time to work all the time and play WoW all the time and still have to mow the lawn on Saturdays. I'd say we needed someone to invent time travel so we could get more done, but we'd just use it to play WoW more. ;)

Kerrin says

Another great video for another great song. Wish I had the time to do this, I spend all my time play WoW or working and listening to JoCo.

Orkendark says

If you ever need another character to appear in one of these, let me know, I'm more than happy to make an alt and I take direction well!

Glenn says

This is why I hired someone to mow my lawn.

mhenry1384 says

I find that music videos/short "humorous" videos made from video games invariably lame. That is the first one I've ever seen that actually worked and worked well.