T-Shirt Results

By JoCo May 22, 2006

It’s over! It’s all over! It looks as though Cute Monkey number one is the winner, though it was a close one. Congratulations to…let’s see, that monkey belonged to…Len?! WTF?! This whole thing seems a little rigged doesn’t it? But you can’t argue with the democratic process. I say again, all of them were awesome – thanks to everyone who participated. I will begin making shirts and things using that graphic. I also get the impression that people like the “Code Monkey like you” text, so I’ll use that. Len’s original graphics will still be available (now in green, yellow and gray) and I’m working on black shirts for all graphics. Stay tuned…

For those interested, the winner had 37 percent of the vote, with cute monkey 4 in hot pursuit with 27.


Matt Mobley says

Congratulations, Len. You are now a Grand Master Monkey Artist. Thousands of years from now, your name will be celebrated through song and tales of your amazing adventures. This is a proud day, my friend. Enjoy the glory.

Chris Radcliff says

Hey, I managed to miss the poll entirely. Any chance of seeing the entries again, or at least the winning one?

Dan Coulter says

You should put all of the monkeys in the "You" section. :)

jpez says

Could we see a picture of the winner?

Len says

You mean of me? I'm camera shy. :)

julie coulter says

Well, Len has pictures of himself on his Flickr account - going bald. And also at a comics symposium. Congrats, Len! Thank you Jonathan for the design on so many different kinds of shirts - now I just have to pick out which one I want! Maybe I'll wait to see the really awesome black t-shirt.

Greg Williams says

Cute Monkey 4 and I send our congrats to Len, too.

With summer vacations starting, maybe you
should create a spot on your site for fans to
link to pics of themselves wearing "Code Monkey"
gear in Paris, Rome, Albuquerque or wherever:
"Monkey Trek 2006."

Romano says

Congrats, Len!

tyler says

i think you should have a more of a varity of tshurts and singlets and pixts on the screen so a top just jumps out at you