More Machinima

By JoCo May 18, 2006

Mike sends a link to this video he and some friends did for “Re: Your Brains” in the World of Warcraft universe. Lots of undead types jumping around making trouble – freakin zombies…


Radek says

Hey JoCo you know what would be great? If all these various videos made by your devoted fans and scattered haphazardly all over the site were in one place somewhere on the site, like a video page. Wouldn't that be cool? I think it would be. How about it?


Ben says

JC, That's hillarious. I mean it, really. You not only have fans, but fans with talent. I wish I was one of them. LOL.

Len says

It's Coulton. It's World of Warcraft. My world is imploding. Very Very Very cool.!

Glenn says

Makes me want to do something like this in City of Heroes/Villains. Mad scientists, anyone? Cyborgs?

Not that I will, but it's nice to dream.

Cja Mari says

Hillarious! Copious amounts of entertainment, and hilarity ensued.

---Cja Mari
"Have you been touched by His noodely appendage?"

Kerrin says

Ths video combines my two most favourite things in the world, JoCo and World of Warcraft.


The Scatman says

Zombies man... They Freak me out.

Eric Ginsberg says

Hey, with all these videos pouring in, it kind of reminds me of that idea I pitched to you. I smell contest!

Charls says

I think this video is so cool, the man is a genius

Supermouse says

I got here via the youtube WOW video. The song is fantastic.

megamole says

Great song, great video.

This is now making it big in the UK geek community... it's all over Livejournal, too.

All we want you to do is eat our brains.

Paul says

This was the video I found a week or two ago that turned me on to your wonderful music. Yes, I'm about 2 years too late. And Yes, this post is necroing an old blog post, but I'm currently reading past entries and listening to the thing a week in order.

Now my kids are loving JoCo classics and we are planning on buying CDs and shirts when I start working full time again. And just yesterday I had that all-important talk with my daughter (15) about the simple truth. Mad science is in her blood and she simply can't settle for a guy who isn't part mad scientist. JoCo music is a great test for this.