CDBaby Rules

ByJoCo May 18, 2006

Just got a note from CDBaby, the site that sells my CD online. They’ve just made a deal with a major music distributor so that participating record stores can order any CD Baby artist to stock in their stores. If for some reason you don’t trust the internet, or if you have never heard of the internet, or if you are locked inside a record store with no access to the internet, now you can ask your local record store to order a Coulton CD for you. Bricks and mortar!


Matt Mobley says

The whole reason I go to record stores is to have something to listen to on the drive home. This is good news! =+)

Ben says

Wait, but if we were trapped in music stores without the internet... how would we read this?

Matt Mobley says

I suppose from this point forward, if you were trapped in the store, you could have them order it and it would be there by the time you're freed. Of course, if you're trapped there now, you're rather screwed. And you've got some sort of freaky magic to be posting a message here. Yeah. That's right. I'm onto your little secret.

Greg says

As long as you're still not going through a RIAA label, awesome! I agree - CDBaby rocks.

Ben says

Yes, Matt. My secret is out. I access the internet not through AOL or some broadband connection, but through the magic of my mind. My mind is like the internet, but with 10% more porn. LOL

And even if it was an RIAA label - it's still awesome that youd be able to get JC stuff in a record store.