Thing a Week 32 – Till the Money Comes

By JoCo May 12, 2006

Just so you know how bad this monkey problem of mine has gotten, every time I type the title of this song my fingers want to type “Monkey” instead of “Money,” which would make for a very different song. This is more on the theme of “asshole sings a breakup song,” in this case his assholism is that he is a scrub, the kind of guy who can’t get no love from the lovely ladies of TLC.

I should also mention, by popular request I have made available a huge honking box set – it’s at the top of the songs page, it costs $50, and it gives you everything but the current Thing a Week album in one big zipfile. If you’ve been waiting to jump in and purchase, this may be the place to do it…

Till the Money Comes

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Jeff says

Is it "When the Money Comes", or "Till the Money Comes"?

JoCo says

Oops: "till"

Glenn says

Did you trip over a monkey at the end there?

JoCo says

Yes, that's me falling over my bass. I left it in.

Christine says

Hello Jonathon,

I just stumbled across your website via and I really love the ingenious lyrics and catchy tunes (my favourite is "That Spells DNA" as I study Biology). I just want to say fantastic work and the quality is wonderful! Keep going!

InfamousG says

Hilarious. Check your email JC, you've got a long one.

Side note, on the lyrics page there is a typo. "When you've made me rich" is written as "When you're made.."

Keep up the great work

Darth says

my fingers want to type “Monkey” instead of “Money"

I have this problem all the time, actually. I feel like my fingers are trying to tell me something, but somehow I suspect it would be a bad idea to request that my employer pay me in primates instead of dollars.

(And now I'm envisioning a primitive society that uses primates as their currency... "Hey, I need some change. Got five howlers for a silverback?" "Sorry, all I've got is a couple lemurs and a rhesus.")

Eric Ginsberg says

This song is the bookend to "Millionare Girlfriend". That song has the clause, "Once I finally find her, I'll get permission from the wife." Well, he's asked the wife, and the wife said "no", and now he lives in resentment. "Fine," he says. "If you won't let me be with her, then I'll just mooch off of you, you selfish bitch. Yeah. See that? I just quit my job. I'm gonna live off you and suck you dry 'til you hit it, and then I'll leave you with half of whatever it is. We could have both been happy. We could have ALL lived in a castle, high. But NO! Bitch! God, I HATE you!"

dave says

parody of the computer commercial with john hodgman

Daniel says

It's been a while since I had the chance to check out your stuff. Glad to see (hear) that your quality hasn't slipped. I particularly like the end (when you trip over your bass), it adds to the underlying pain of the song. (That's just my way of trying to sound more intellecual than I am.) Anyway, as I perused your site, I noticed that you mentioned posting the chords for Code Monkey and was wondering if you'd be willing to post the chords for a few other songs as well... say, First of May, A Laptop Like You, and any others you wold like to throw in (I'd list all of my favorites, but I figure I'll start here, as you probably have more pressing things to do than fill my request to let me learn all you material).

Pete says

Another spin on the Mac commercial with John Hodgman, in case you are interested:

Johnny Tee says

" fingers want to type “Monkey” instead of “Money”..."

I kind of ended up that way. When I read the title the first time, I read "Till the Monkey Comes", and didn't realize until I got to your next statement, then I had to smack myself in the head.

Keep up the great work.

Angelastic says

Oh, wow, I have that same problem with typing monkey, an indeed, the idea of 'Till the Monkey Comes' has come up several times independently on the forums, so much so that there's even a thread in which we replace money with monkey in various clichéd phrases. I believe this is the first time I've read the blog entry, since I was only subscribed to the podcast.

anon says

I kept seeing a female as the 'I' in this song. Maybe because it sounds like my wife.