Code Monkey Like Gunplay

By JoCo May 11, 2006

The smarties over at Tra5hTa1k have created a machinima video for Code Monkey. I am so thrilled that I am literally peeing in my pants. TrashTalk is an animated gaming news talk show created by the ILL Clan. The Code Monkey video itself was created with The Movies, a movie studio simulation game that among other things lets you create and direct 3D animation (the rest of their show is done using some kind of super secret animation-making stuff they designed). There’s plenty of monkey gunplay, which is an unexpected but delightful surprise – I think it’s terrific, and I’m not just saying that because it’s based on my song.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but see that awesome thing that just happened? That’s Creative Commons


Kerrin says

Like the video...alot.

Having played movies, I can understand why some of the scenes seemed irrelevant to the song.

That must have taken hours. I'm tempted to do one my self for another JoCo song, except I don't think it would come out as good. And I have another idea for a video (or two), though I didn't think of using 'The Movies'.

Anyone got any other ideas for computer generated images that could be used to create music videos?

Mack says

That was awesome. CC at work, indeed. I laughed out loud when Code Monkey slipped on the banana peel.

Matt Mobley says

Very cool video. Machinima can be so cool when it's done right. And that one was.

As for computer generated stuff for music videos, a lot of people use the Unreal engines to do Machinima videos. Of course, there's always Flash and Director. My friends and I are working on a video now and I'm using Lightwave 3D for the animation. There are plenty of low cost 3D programs out there, of course.

Frank says

Glad you guys like the video, and yes, it took many many hours but it's a great song. Thanks to Jonathan for making it available on cc.

Kerrin, since you're familier with the Movies, I would recommend starting there. Key is to find a song that realy inspires you and that you feel you can find a concept and its footage in the Movies.

As you probably know, you can't go into the movies with a very specific concept, half the shots you need will be missing. You gotta go in, look at the shots with the song in mind and see what ideas pop up.

Also, a trick I've found is, look at shots that have nothing to do with what you want. You can find segments in there giving you a shot, reaction etc that you wouldn't find otherwise. Would luv to see anything you make.

I also have an earlier video I made using the Movies called "Loving You and Drinking Beer."

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Len says

Totally awesome! Great job guys! :D

Matt Mobley says

Kerrin, I have to agree with Frank. Stick with what you know and what you're good at. Unless you want to learn new stuff. In which case that's good too. Unfortunately, I've never gotten around to playing with The Movies, so I don't have any tips in that regard. But, since it's technically a performance on a computer, I'll say break a disc. :)

Wayne from the UK says

This is sooo cool.

I can't get this song out of my head lately, very very good.

Go Jonathan Go!!!

Albrecht M. says

Congratulations, nice to hear I am not the only one enthusiatic about your music ... I really enjoy your music.

Glenn says

Code Monkey video kill Code Monkey's QuickTime.

Sad Code Monkey.

Glenn says

Code Monkey too quick with comment. Code Monkey see second download complete notice, and able to watch. Code Monkey like video.

Kevin says

Wow. Wow. OK, must think of another word. That video was amazing! I can't wait to share it with my fellow code monkeys tomorrow!

Dan says

CodeMonkey like video, too. And Tab and Mountain Dew.

Jody LaFerriere says

Holy cow, er, monkey that's awesome. I mean, just absolutely perfect! Good work, everyone!

Ash says

I did not like the video. I know it would probably be infeasible for someone to bring about my vision of a real chimp in an office with humans and throwing fits and looking really cute. But even so, I think this video sends the wrong message of Code Monkeys being saved from their jobs by pretty girls. Code Monkeys need to save themselves from the drugery of their jobs in order to get the girls! I know it doesn't really say that in the song, but it certainly doesn't feature the girl saving the monkey either.

Candace says

Candace like Code Monkey. Monkey song stuck in Candace's head - go round and round. Candace laugh at Star Wars sequence. Candace link to Code Monkey vid from blog.

Matt says

Wow! They like it! :)

If you haven't already, go give it a digg. The post is climbing to the top of the music section there, and a few more might push it to the top.

Rhea says

Code monkey want song removal from head and from kids who insist on me playing it more. Awesome toon *heads back to basement with dew supplies*

webjones says

nice interpretation.

jpez says

Not sure I understood what was going on in some of the parts, but awesome nonetheless!

Patrick says

I never thought I'd say this, but the girl in this video is even hotter than the girl in the Skullcrusher Mountain Flash cartoon.

Morgrase says

I love the song but the video had one major flaw. The randomness was okay, but Rob the boss shouldn't be another monkey. That implies that he is on the same level as code monkey and just isn't in sync with the song.