ByJoCo May 7, 2006

That stands for “visual thing a week.” Hot off the…presses? Pressure sensitive Wacom tablet? Here is Len’s image for this week’s thing:

Dude: you continue to rock…


Slythfox says

Very nice. Good job Len. The news clipping aspect is a nice touch.

They're a scary couple.

Jason C. says

I still think the guy looks like Alton Brown mixed with Frankenstein...not thats a bad thing.

Eric says

Nice "Brookline" reference. Change "Tall" to "Long" and you've got yourself a date. ;)

The Freedom Trail Ends Here,

Len says

Thanks for the kind words everyone. There's a lot more I wanted to do with this image, but I did it hastily, knowing I wouldn't be able to complete it during the week. What I was going for was a 1930's -40s newspaper look where everyone had these dark circles under their eyes. They also ran pointless, tasteless stories like this with a "kicker" headline. Hopefully I captured some of that magic. :)

John says

Aww, Garrison Keillor and Katherine Harris are in love? What an unlikely couple.

Joust keeding. Great job, Len.

Batshua says

If we beg and grovel, do you think we can get artwork for previous Things a Week that you've done? Because I have to say so far, VTAW has made me very happy and when Growl show's what's playing, instead of a blank space I have a happy drawing. I'd love more!

Len says

Hehe...I'll see how things go. I haven't done them all, but I have done quite a few, including stuff from Smoking Monkey. Keep checking back at the Flickr site here: