OMG Squee

By JoCo May 5, 2006

OK, I get it. Everyone loves cute monkeys. Everyone wants a shirt with a cute monkey on it. Frankly I think Len may be a little tired of drawing for me, especially when it comes to monkeys. So here’s what we’re going to do: cute monkey contest! If you want a cute monkey shirt, then design a cute monkey shirt and send me the image. By doing so you agree to let me put it on merchandise that I will sell back to you at CafePress without giving you a dime. Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it? Well, that’s business baby. That’s the business of cute monkeys on shirts. I created a space in the forums where you can post your very adorable monkey images. You have until one week from today to submit, then we will all vote.


Scarybug says

Aw dang, I already used up my cutest monkey design for

Josh says

ohemgee!!!! I will most definitely get a monkey sweatshirt, maybe a mug or something.

Len says

Are we voting on this today?