In the Future, I’m Aretha Franklin

By JoCo May 2, 2006

Well, I’ve made it to the top. It feels great up here, I can just barely see all you people and you look like tiny insignificant ants. Over at 365 Tomorrows they write a short speculative fiction (we used to call it sci-fi) piece every day. Yesterday, the first of May even, I was honored by a mention. They put me next to Elvis and Aretha Franklin as an example of the kind of HUGE recording stars we used to have in the past before the music industry smashed into a million pieces and the best you could do was make enough to cover rent and food and electronic pants, or whatever they have for pants in the future. I hope it’s electronic pants.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


BadServo says

I'm hoping for "Wrong Trousers" myself, instead of electronic pants.

webjones says

Whatever. You gotta have music if yer gonna shake yer pants.

Michael says

Wow! Big money and worship to boot. Do remember us little people in your apotheosis...

J.R. Blackwell says

I'm glad that you enjoyed the story, writing it was a blast. You are mentioned as a rock star of the future because you are already a rock star in my heart.

You inspired me to write this story, and since 365 Tomorrows has to put out a new story every day, that inspiration means quite a bit. Thank you.

Zach says

I wonder if the title (The Whole Night Sky) was inspired by Bruce Cockburn?