Code Monkey Merch

By JoCo May 2, 2006

Take that you filthy thieves. Len has done up some fine code monkey images, which I have labored to place onto t-shirts, polos, mugs and mouse pads (plus: thongs for the ladies!) so that you can buy them and not feel guilty for giving your money to those other bastards. Find them in my CafePress store, and tell all your friends and blog readershipses’s. Let me know if someone wants an item that’s not there and I’ll add it. Thanks Len!


webjones says

"filthy thieves" ... "bastards" ... don't be so coy, Jonathan. Let us know how you really feel. :-)

I'm gone shoppin'. Aaaaiiiight.

webjones says

Did you get permission from Mr. Nimoy to use his likeness?

Jeff says

What happened to the Madelbrot T-Shirts?

Len says

Actually, after I drew it, I thought it looked a little like George Burns.

Raphael says

Hey Len, I posted this one a previous blog's comment, and that picture's totally representative of a Code Monkey, but any possibility of a "cute" version? (I dig your picture though btw, and definitely don't mean to criticize) I'd say the other store was directed at the "cute, oh hello kitty me"-audience that some of my female friends are more inclined to buy. Just a thought, though.
This is AWESOME!

Mythgarr says

Excellent... I've started the circulation of this interesting tidbit of info at my office. I'll place a few orders just as soon as I've got the cash.

Cass says

Have to say, I like the evil rip-off version better. But I'm too cheap to spend money on either, so it hardly matters.

Kerrin says

I have just ordered my first JoCo merchandise! And now I feel fantastic!

Being a code monkey and a huge JoCo fan, I had no choice!

Debbie says

Code Monkey very broke.

Code Monkey not get paid 'til Friday.

Code Monkey bookmark site.

Matt says

Heya ;) Just made a donation for codemonkey, lovely little song. My girlfriend works in tech in a role not too dissimilar from the subject, and I'd love to snag her some official merch but....

Your merch isnt cute. And the song is. And I know she kinda liked the rip off one that said 'Code monkey like me', but... you dont have any like that.

Fixen Pleezen? ;)

Rob says

Yeah I agree - would be glad to buy a cuter code monkey, and in black t-shirt if possible !!

Having Leonard Nimoy on the front of a shirt doesnt appeal too much! (although it is a good drawing)

jpez says

Hey man, I'm all for merch (if you'll remember, I did buy some last time), but that awful Cafepress store has got to go. The shirts are of poor quality, and white makes me look even more ghostly and pale than I already am.

jpez says

Oh, and I forgot to mention, CafePress is way to expensive as well.

jpez says

Damnit, I meant TOO, not TO!

Tree House Concerts says

I'm sure it's somewhere, but what's the code on the back of the blue Code Monkey shirt?

Len says

It's a C Sharp version of the first few lyrics in the song. A must have for any code monkey!

John Trussell says

Another vote for a black T-Shirt... preferably the "blue monkey" shirt, just with the black text and outlines color-swapped to white. (The other monkey image is OK, but the blue one is much more my style. :)

Glenn says

Code Monkey like t-shirts. Code Monkey just get raise. Code Monkey think summer wardrobe will be expanding.

Oh, and I also vote for black t-shirts. And I love the use of the anchr tag in that shirt.

James Mastros (theorbtwo) says

I also like the rip-off's merch better (but won't be buying it anyway) -- I almost bought the "code monkey likes me" shirt for my girlfriend before realizing it was a rip-off site.

hunklord says

yo Jonathan aiigght so i was sittin wwiff me homies in my damn crib an we see a show call code ,Monkez dey use da bewst grafics and best ppl