Code Monkey Chords

By JoCo May 2, 2006

Many have asked; I have answered – on the lyrics page for Code Monkey if you scroll down you’ll find the chords. I expect this will lead to a lot of WoW parties disintegrating into geeky singalongs, but that’s not really a bad thing when you think about it.

The First of May celebratory gig last night was great, thanks to everyone who came out. I was totally naked on stage. I busted out of the normal repertoire a bit and played Code Monkey and Re: Your Brains even though I wasn’t sure I could really play them correctly (I did though). Next time, more TAW stuff I think, if I can get some time to work a few of them out.


Josh says


I had Good first of May, but no nakedness, and, because I am a minor, no fucking, outside or otherwise.

I am getting the impression that you were wasted. Is that close to the truth?

Mary says

So if you were totally naked on stage, but people were supposed to slip something in your pocket as you walked past ...

God knows I love you, but I didn't need that mental image.

John says

Thanks for the chords!

Slash I don't know how hearty the cattle call is for more of your chords, but I know I'd really like to see some more. If at all possible.

Glenn says

I was under the impression that the Internet was for porn, not geeky sing-a-longs.

Was I misinformed?

I look forward to the next time I can see you perform.


BadServo says

This is not really Coulton-related, and for that I apologize. However, while watching "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" lat night, I saw an ad for Apple that featured none other than resident expert, John Hodgman. I'm not really a Mac aficionado, but it's a humorous ad, nontheless. Thought everyone might get a kick outtuv it.

Also congrats on the success of the May gig. Glad it panned out and you got some stage practice with the newer material.

Mythgarr says

I can't get the hodgman video to play, BadServo.

BadServo says

It's encoded using MPEG-4 (specifically the 3ivx Codec) for video, and MP3 for audio.

Most MPEG-4 codecs shoudl be able ot play it... but if all else fails, simply install the 3ivx codec from

Eric Ginsberg says

You should put me in charge of the "You" section on your site. I'd rock that shit. I'd make contests and stuff, and the interactivity of your site would increase ten-fold. And my first order of business would be to get others to create the you-tab, so you could just proof, and not waste your valuable time writing tab, when you could be writing more gold. I wrote gold once. I wrote it in a silver pen, though, so it was kind of incongruous. But seriously, put me in charge of stuff. I get stuff done.

C Ya,

BadServo says

It seems that Apple now has a section up where you can view all fo the Hodgman ads of this new campaign.

Ian says

I heartily applaud the inclusion of chords in your official lyrics sheets. It sure as heck saves me a boatload of time trying to figure out those magical chords that you use. Bob Dylan never used chords like those.
I have managed to squeeze the beloved chordness from two other songs which will be posted shortly on the discussion board. (Thanks to those who have messaged me regarding those I've already put up.)

Neil says

I took a swing at some tablature for this last week...I haven't compared it to your posted chords yet, but maybe it would be useful for someone looking for this type of info. Only place I could find to put it was

Roach says

Maybe a dumb question, but where exactly IS the lyrics page?

JoCo says

Click the magnifying glass next to the song on the Downloads page.

skimmo92 says

hey man, i love code monkey and want to learn it but i can find that bass atb for it, code you make one or plz point me to where i can find 1
cheers skimmo

yan says

u're amazing! i love your songs!!!