Good Ol BadServo

ByJoCo April 26, 2006

Fella by the name of BadServo is on TOP of it! For those of you who missed it, here are links to the audio and video from the Daily Show last night, as recorded, encoded, and posted by him:

I’m pretty sure they re-run the show every following afternoon sometime, so you can probably catch it then too. Aside from my own excitement about having music on the show (and the strange uncomfortable out-of-body experience hearing Hodgman say my name while I was sitting in the audience watching the taping), I must say that it was a really funny show. JH was particularly funny I thought. Also I have a huge boy crush on Tom Selleck…


Michael says

I've not seen the Daily Show until now (yes, there are some of us), and so I'd never seen that stunned, I-cannot-flippin'-believe-this-just-happened look on Stewart's face as Hodgman explained that in the Middle East, ending a sentence with a preposition was a sign of weakness. It makes me suspect that Mr. Hodgman may be the very man for whose benefit "bullshit" became a verb.

Ben says

I just listened to the audio of the show and loved it. Im a big Daily Show fan anyways. I'll be watching the rerun, and i share the boycrush on the on Tom Selleck. My moms crush on Mr. Selleck is probably a lot less boyish.

Jim Gramling says

Actually, this whole snake-as-counterterrorism idea isn't completely new ... and as can be seen below, it really works!

Having run across this clip recently on Google Video, and before downloading the DS segment, I was almost sure that this snake song was going to feature the above clip as background to the story!

Tree House Concerts says

Snakes On The Plane? That's so yesterday.

Now it's Snakes In Parachutes!!!

Mary says

It's officially on the TDS site now -- woohoo!!

glych says


I've been a fan of yours for only a dhort time now, becoming aware of your genius through the gigcast (the very one I was interviewed on myself). While spreading the word about your music as best I could (And having Skullcrusher Mountain stuck in my head for days) imagine my surprise when I read that your song was going to be on the Daily Show, a favorite of my family. I called them all up and told them to watch, that this guy was the one I had been raving about for weeks now...

My brother said you're insane...but in a good way.


(who's still humming Skullcrusher Mountain)

pete says

holy crap. [kc]udos to you, Mr. Coulton. and i dont know much about Hodgman but i'd seen him on before, and have to say he is one of the funniest fake anchors/guests ever on the show, with the exception of the jokes and puns he tries which fail horribly and only make him look like more of a loser. but therein lies the genious...

Matt says

I loved when JH did the air-drums for a second.

Peter says

@Michael: It's not clear if you got this or not. The Daily Show is a comedy show, and the "reporters" reports are all written ahead of time, staged, and not meant to be serious.

Ian says

When will we get to download the cobras song as a TAW download?

Michael says

Peter--guess I was unclear at that. Oh yeh, I got it. Besides, I'd heard Hodgman's work before and have learned to keep a tight grip on my leg lest he pull it clean off. (Lobster, anyone?)

And no doubt that Gobsmacked Stare is an oft-used item in Stewart's toolbox. But it and Hodgman's routine together produced a moment that, for this new viewer, won't be soon forgotten.