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By JoCo April 25, 2006

OMG! I almost forgot to post this! Tonight John Hodgman will be on the Daily Show again, and unless someone changes their mind, his bit will include a little musical funny business I wrote for him yesterday. I’ll be in the audience – listen for me laughing. I’ll be the one going “Ha Ha HA!” Hello national television audience…


Eric Ginsberg says

Now, when will Jon have YOU on as a guest!? Oh, and tell John that his "short answer/long answer" bit was hilarious!

Glenn says

Hellllllo Jonathan!

This will be the second person I sort of know to be in the audience for the Daily Show.

Patrick says

I'm not sure if it's just me, and you've most likely already gotten this, but the Blog RSS feed seems to not be working.
In case you need the information, It's the 2.0 feed, and I'm useing Firefox.

Mike says

Is it possible to put the song up on the website.

Sarah says

I hadn't checked your site in the last few days. Let me tell you, it was MUCH cooler to turn on the Daily Show and just hear your song out of nowhere! That was AWESOME. "The Kurds will stay the same." Tell it, brother!

So did he really give you $1000?

Len says

That was really cool! Great to see another collaboration of Coulton and Hodgman. :)

fred says

I would actually download the show on I tunes if you sang on the show.

Dave says

That was so friggin' cool.

Kevin Wallace says

I heard Hodgman mention your name, and thought "wait.. that Jonathan Coulton?" The song and this post confirmed it.

That was great! Seconding the request for a downloadable version.

Michelle says

Somehow I never put two and two together and realized that John Hodgman was the Daily Show's John Hodgman. Anyway, it was the best Daily Show I've seen in a while for the sole reason that I went completely nuts when I heard the name "Jonathan Coulton" there.

Anywhere that we can get the song?

BadServo says

This was a real surprise. Unfortunately I hadn't checked teh site yet today, so I wasn't aware until I was watching the daily show.

The good news is that I record the DS everyday, so I have the material. With the lack of notice I didn't have time to properly set my equipment for maximum source quality, so I apologise in advance for the lackluster appearance of the following clip. Nontheless, it allowed me to be a bit hardsher witht he recompression without sacrificing an absurd amount of quality. In the future, you gotta give us some more warning, JC. ^_^

So without further ado, here is the Hodgman segment in it's entirety (providing the context for the song), and a MP3 of the song clip. I hope everyone gets as big a kick outtuv it as I did.



Adam says

Damn that was funny. I didn't read your site today, so that came out of nowhere!

Kerrin says

Please, please put the song on the web site. Not all your fans live in the USA and have access to the daily show.

Eliz says

I was completely taken by surprise. The show was on but I wasn't really listening to it and then out of nowhere they say Jonathan Coulton... could it be one in the same? Yep, definitely your music. It was awesome! Hope you can post it or another version of it on your site for download.

Norm_bone says

Congratulations, Jon! I too was caught by surprise watching this morning. At first it seemed like coincidence, then a "shout-out", and it was finally clear that it _was_ you.

Ian says

I was introducing a good friend to your ThingADay works last night (got 'em all here on my HD) and he was pretty impressed. He's a songwriter in a Toronto band and he kept saying "Man, I wish I could be this prolific." We listened to "Code Monkey" (which he loved) and then went downstairs to watch Daily Show, which we never miss in ths household.

A few minutes later, I say "hey there's John Hodgman, the guy who works with Coulton sometimes."

And then -that- happened. Such glee! I figured it was only going to be a matter of time before you got onto the show, bud. Now you just need to get the rest of your self on there.

Nicely done.

Michael says

Perhaps one week's Thing can incorporate this bit in a comprehensive treatment of How JCoulton Will Solve The Middle East Mess.

"There's rioting in Africa, / There's strife in Iran ... "

Snakes in parachutes, man, snakes in parachutes!!!

paul says

They have *got* to work more of your stuff in.

That was great. The wife and I were bouncing all over the place during the segment.

Dan Coulter says

Congrats on winning the $1000 for the essay contest!

Jim Beona says

Dude! Awesome song, very patriotic, brings tears to my eyes.

Oh yeah congrats on the $1000, every cent of it was worth saving the entire civilized world.

Julie Coulter says

I was so overjoyed when I heard John Hodgeman mention your name, but I was even more awesome to hear your voice on national television. Congrats - I hope the Daily Show gave you a little more than $1000 dollars. Or maybe they're cheap.

Kevbo says

Did he just say Jonathan Coulton? He did! A song? Might it be one of Jonathan's? It is! Cool.

Good on ya.

I call shenanigans though! You're totally ripping off the upcoming Samuel L. Jackson epic "Snakes on a Plane." Except for the parachute part. And no mention of Samuel L. Jackson. But hey, planes and snakes. What a ripoff!! I'll never listen to another Jonathan Coulton contribution to the Daily Show ever again this week!

Take that.

Rach says

The clip is on the Daily Show website under Hodgman videos.


Rye says

Wow - one of the people who is just catching up on my Tivo. My wife thought I was nuts but I was like - "that's a real person that Jonathan Coulton". And then the song. Great job.

Please sir, may I have another?

Quarks says

It's just been on the daily show global edition.
Enjoy your international fame :-)

Flickrite says


Andy says

So glad to see you getting some (even if small) "press". Your music rocks and I can't wait until you hit it big!

chad says

Here's a link to the segment on Mother Load:

Ryan says

I thought that it was the decision to bomb ひろしま and ながさき (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) that was decided by sweepstakes.

mike dunn says

this url should work - its in the last 45 seconds :)


John Ink says

There isn't a better on-screen combination than Jonathan Coulton, John Hodgman, and John Stewart. So says John Ink.

Brint E. Kriebel says

I saw clip on June 11th, 2008, and found this thread when trying to confirm that it was really Jonathon Coulton on-air. It made me want to see this one as well, so I tracked it down - http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=115091&title=essay-contest

Andrew T. Coleman says

Best Daily Show clip ever. Man am I slow.