Holy Bazolies!

By JoCo April 24, 2006

Well, it happened – I guess when you take a week off you get slashdotted. And then your site goes down, and with it, your email. I woke up this morning all geared up to dig myself out of this email hole, but I don’t seem to be able to send or receive. And I can just barely see this site (sometimes). Someone somewhere is working on it. Just so you know, if I haven’t answered your email or comment it’s probably not because I hate you.
I can tell you I had a lovely vacation. I tried an internet cafe once, but all they had was a French keyboard and it was a little difficult to type coherently. I also had Road Runner dialup via some kind of phone card, but you know, (Road Runner + dialup)/pina colada <> productivity. There was in fact no song, and I am right now going to refund a dollar to you paying subscribers.

Len sent in an image for Code Monkey which I didn’t see before I had left, and then he checked himself and sent a new one sometime mid week. I’ll show you both here, because I can’t decide which one I like best. The old:

The new:

Double image! The man is prolific. For your further enjoyment, I point you to the flickr group Len is putting all these images into. AND: this wikipedia article about Code Monkeys that has been updated to include a reference to my song and a link to Len’s new image. The world has been very busy while I was resting…


Noah Ramon says

Refund schmefund. Between "re: Your Brains" and "Code Monkey", I'm pretty sure I still owe you more money.

Len says

Thanks for showcasing the work, Jonathan. But wait -- did you just call me prolific? If anyone is prolific, it's you sir. Not only that, but your work has incredible consistency of goodness. I wish I could say as much for my stuff.

Looking forward to your next song!

Brooklyn Bluesman says

No wait-you're both right, er wrong-wait jut a second. JoCo you rock the house with your songs and Len you do the same with your pens. Good stuff for ears and eyes.Nowif we could just do something for the nose and throat.

Kevin says

Hurry, everyone donate an extra 2 dollars in protest!

Jason C. says

Jonathan- your stuff rocks.

Len - your stuff rocks as well.

"Re: your Brains" is still holding me over, so dont rush. ;-)

kp says

The thing that I hate about JC is that everyone wonders what he would do. ;-)

No, wait, what I really hate is that he has become super-popular while I languish in semi-mediocrity over at http://gonutty.com.

Oh My God! Was that just a shallow plug for a talentless hack? Why, yes, it was.

Would it make you feel better about it if I told you that Jonathan and I both played drums for the Mighty Peacocks at Halls Hill? (I'm making up the mighty part, but the rest is totally true.)

Naw, that probably just makes you hate me more. I deserve it...

But seriously, go read my drivel over at http://gonutty.com.

I played a mean tom-tom back in the day. I mean, accordion solos on the bridge and steel guitar riffs are nice and all, but it takes *real* talent to play the tom-tom.

Okay, not really, but can I just say, http://gonutty.com? (again?)

Keith, you ignorant slut....

Steve says

One more voice added to the din: good work sir.

FYI - the slashdotted URL:


gets an error:

The page isn't redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

The location bar at the time of error reads:

Steve says

Never mind. Seems to be working now.

pretty girl who use to work front desk says

Holy shit, second one look like my own Code Monkey at 3AM. Resemblance eerie.

M.Sage says

I want a Code Monkey tee shirt!! I'd wear it with pride every casual day. I'd even wash it once and a while.

Len says

I think someone was going to produce a code money shirt using my drawing. Hopefully that dude will do it so people could buy it. Also, maybe we'd be able to have it play the song while you're wearing it. But I can only think something like that would be very difficult to launder.

Benson says

This is really the coolest song ever. I just thought you should know that.

Raphael says

YEA!!! Go JC! Somehow I've become a big fan overnight (well three, but just the same)

danny says

codemonkeys is the theme song to the tv show with the same name, thats how i found out about this, this is a good song.

Jameson says

I hate being 3 years too late to comment on something, but I'm going to anyways.

All I can say is this:

This song kicks ASS. And when JoCo finally gets to being the huge rock star (Think at the level of Beatlemania) that he deserves to be, then this comment will be here. So... EAT THAT, INTERNET.

Now, realistically, when the next guy comments in 2011, I'll just look like retard. But I'll be a retard with this song on his iPod.

Hell. Yeah.

Keep Rocking.