I am full of events

By JoCo April 12, 2006

I’m very pleased to note that demand for Coulton is high over at Eventful – thank you all for the support and the love. Last I checked there were 43 places where people want me to come play, admittedly some of them only represent one or two people so far, but there are some larger ones there too (but I’m no Wil Wheaton: THAT guy is famous). A few people have been asking what the threshold is, how many people need to sign up before I’ll go to a city and play. The answer is I don’t really know, it’s complicated, it depends. I had an interesting conversation last night with someone from Eventful in which we talked about this stuff and tossed around some ideas on how the whole thing might actually work. I think it’s a compelling idea, and I’d love to make something happen.

So, I think that in order to move some of these things forward we need to discuss a couple of things all of us. If the city is particularly driveable and I have friends I can stay with (I’m looking at you Boston and DC), then my costs are minimal. If I have to fly there and rent a car and get a hotel it’s a whole new ball game – as much as I love each and every one of you, it doesn’t seem right for me to lose money by putting on shows. Either way, an event is more interesting to me if 1) it’s profitable, 2) it’s for a lot of people, 3) you locals put me in touch with a suitable venue or host a house concert. Keep in mind that no matter how many shows I do in Ohio I only need to fly there once, so we can also think about combining shows into little mini tours, that’s another way to make it work financially.

I’m really excited about it though, if we can pull one of these off we’ll be creating a totally new thing in the world. But until those demands get up into the quintuple digits, it will help if you guys drive the process a little – instead of just asking me to play in Cleveland, figure out where I should play and how I can make it financially viable. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

I told you I was lazy.


Allison says

Do you remember the venue at which you and Hodgman played in DC back in December, The Warehouse? They have another theater-y space next door in which they do a lot of smallish concerts. It's pretty cutty in an unfinished basement sort of way, but they're pretty good with booking a range of acts, and the lack of decor doesn't affect the quality of the shows. Warehouse Next Door is what it's called, if you want to look it up, and I've sent their booking person a feeler e-mail. So...that's DC.

Len says

I think your idea of playing somewhere centrally in Ohio is a good idea. Columbus is only a 2 hour drive away from Cleveland and vice versa. Between the two cities is Akron. That's a possibility. The key is finding an appropriate venue. There are a ton of small theatres in Lakewood, which is where I'm from. And with the right advertising, it could really work.

Let me look into it.

Dave says

Warehouse would be so much more accessible to those of us who live in the city than Jammin' Java.

I'm jus' sayin', that's all...

Glenn says

Does the cost calculation work out better if we kidnap you and keep you in our basements?

Just askin'.

Oh, and speaking of evangelizing, I had the following conversation via IM the other day (names changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty):

coworker: http://www.areasofmyexpertise.com/hoboes.html
Glenn: Didn't I send this to you months ago?
coworker: hmm... maybe
Glenn: Where'd you get it?
coworker: got it sent to me in email
Glenn: hm
Glenn: Not from someone in your gaming group, perchance?
coworker: yeah
Glenn: Betty?
coworker: yeah, Betty.
Glenn: Ask her where she got that from.
He later verified that, yes, she'd gotten it from me.

Eric Ginsberg says

An offer you can't refuse: You dance, I'll throw coins at you.

webjones says

Atlanta, GA ... yeah, you'd have to fly and get lodging.

Two potential venues I know of...

Earthlink Live: http://www.earthlinklive.com/
Masquerade: http://www.masq.com

Andrea says

That makes sense. As a lurking fan of yours, I completely understand.

Don't suppose you are coming to the Seattle at some time near the end of May for any reason? We are getting married with about 250 people attending, and could pay for hotel and food. But I know the airfare would be much. *shrug* So if you were over here for other reasons, I thought I'd take a stab at asking...

Thank you for making music. I love your work.

Patrick says

A possible show location in New York is Opus 40: http://opus40.org/

If you have any interest in it, contact my grandmother (Who is also a cowner) at patopus40@hotmail.com. Recently we haven't had as many concerts as we used to, but some fairly big name bands have played here. The only one I can think of at the time is Orleans, who usually play at least once a year.

As for turnout, with the right advertising I'm sure a good number of people would come. When Orleans plays the seating area, the front lawn right in front of the sculpture, is packed full of people.

JoCo says

Sorry I haven't responded to these guys - thank you for all your great suggestions here and via email. I am processing all this stuff, and will come up with something that works and is awesome.

David says

This might be a bit stalker-esque... But what if you help a contest of sorts of whose living room you'd sleep in after the gig instead of booking a hotel. If you've got the demand for shows, surely you'd have some takers. I mean, I'm not sure how my wife would feel about it, but I'd take you in!

(Murfreesboro, TN... I don't have an Eventful account. But... Believe me... If I did...)

Aman says

You said the magic word! "Ohio"! You're coming to Columbus, baby. I need some help looking for those missing provisional ballots from the 2004 election, and you're just the person to lend a hand. It'll help you relax after your kickass show. We'll get the kids in on the action, too: I've found they fit great in crawlspaces and empty mineshafts and such.

OK, I guess I gotta figure out where you're going to play and how to advertise and stuff. And I e-mailed your wife a while back, and she never e-mailed me back, which means she probably hates me...which might be a problem. But shite, we'll work somethin' out. As you can tell, Ohio hearts Coulton....

Andy says

Ohio....do you know how incredibly boring Ohio is? You really don't want to go there dude. I mean it is where Wendy's was founded.

Kristin says

Come to Boston! I'll even find a babysitter so we can go!

In all seriousness, if you would like I can get you in touch with the Center for Arts in Natick (http://www.natickarts.org/) or Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham (http://www.amazingthings.org/). There is also the Sunday Concert Series at my locally library (http://www.friendsoftheashlandlibrary.com).

What do you need to make it "worth your while." We'll even provide lodging - if you don't mind two young children and a cat. : )

Come on Boston - we can come up with SOMETHING!

- K

Chandra says

Hey, we have a venue here in vincennes. Intersect Venue. How much do you charge a show? I was wanting to know cus my bday is may 9 and i would like to hear u, or maybe u could just come out to see me for my bday *blush* u wouldnt even have to sing, but an autograph would b great.