Visual TAW

By JoCo April 10, 2006

Len and Nora over at the Jawbone podcast have been big Coulton supporters – always with the airplay and the plugging (Len frequently states that he believes this to be The Year of Coulton). And they’ve recently started making Thing a Week a regular feature of the podcast, with a song from the series and a little phoned in explanation from yours truly. But Len has just upped the ante in the poker game that is our symbiotic relationship by offering to do a weekly visual interpretation of Thing a Week. Below is his first installment, which he seems to have done immediately after the song was posted, and with little difficulty. Or maybe he has access to the same secret audio feed that the New York Times uses to spy on me and steal my ideas.


Len says

Thanks for posting this, JC. I have just set up a Flickr set dedicated to the Thing A Week. There is only one image there now, but over time I'm hoping to fill it full of Thing A Week goodness:

Glenn says

Hmm. I hadn't been noticing updates from here in LiveJournal. I wonder if I've just been remarkably and selectively unobservant, or if LJ is somehow choking on this feed. (It didn't change, did it?)

Darth says

I've been seeing the feed just fine on LJ. For example, this entry:

JoCo says

Oh yeah, the feed changed when I SCREWED IT UP. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and have some extra php in one of the files that I copied and pasted wrong. I guess some readers were choking and some were not. I think it's fixed, but let me know if it still doesn't look OK.

Glenn says

Weird. why are there two feeds in LiveJournal? I set up -- I didn't think it even allowed you to have a separate name for the same feed. (According to this, the last entry was March 25th...)

JoCo says

Glenn: could be something weird with that feed since I switched over to the new version of WordPress. I see that it's looking at and I'm not sure exactly what that is. Something built into WordPress I think. You could try instead and see if that works any better...

Glenn says

I added the j_coulton feed, with luck that'll work for me.

It's just sad to see the original jonathancoulton sitting alone and abandoned in the corner like a bad, bad bunny.