Mailing List! Forums!

By JoCo April 3, 2006

The elves here in the JoCo workshop have been busy. Couple of new features for you:

Mailing List – yes, I finally got around to it. I’m using the built-in mailing list that comes with my Hostbaby hosting account, which lets me search by city and state and target email those people. I will not spam you all the time, you can subscribe to the blog if you want general JoCo news. I’ll use the email list only for gigs in your area and big announcements (like new CDs or Tonight Show bookings). There’s a link over there in the sidebar – sign up wouldja?

Forums – say what? Aw yeah. Sweet, sweet forums. Link is in the sidebar. I’m using Lussumo Vanilla because it’s free, easy to install, looks good, and comes with a user role called “douchebag” out of the box (so don’t act like a douchebag because I will tag you that way if you do). You’ll have to register to post. I hate to add another registration layer, but I don’t want a bunch of spam in there, and I’m not sure if I can change the functionality even if I wanted to. It would be nice if the blog comment registration, email list and forum registration were all integrated wouldn’t it? Maybe someday…


Kdog says

Awesome! Although maybe I could've said that in a forum post? Ah well. It's great to see the website booming.

Now I've got to go secure my name in the forums.

Keep on rockin'!

Dave says

I'm in...

jpez says

Yes! The day has finally come!

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Len says

Well, there's someone who is getting into the spirit of the First of May.

Mythgarr says

I say JC should post the IP address of the above spammer. All in favor?

ff says