Thing a Week 27 – Madelaine

By JoCo March 31, 2006

New recording of an old song – this is another one from the Supergroup set list. I’ve always liked this one, but couldn’t listen to the 4-track cassette, midi drums version anymore. I was working on something else for a while this week but then decided not to use it, long story I’ll get to later when it’s not so late. For now I give you:


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kp says

Interesting track. It's got a Robert Palmer sort of feel to it, not in a "Simply Irresistible" kind of way, but more in the "Sailin' Shoes/Hey Julia/Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley" vein. Rollicking good show, old bean.

What is this Supergroup of which you speak? Certainly not the Lennon/Clapton/Richards/Mitchell yard sale from the Stones' Rock & Roll Circus. ;-)

George says

Who is Madelaine? I have a girl on my basketball team named Madeline.

(age 6)

Jim Gramling says

Is it just me who can't see comments? Wordpress is choking on the comment listing:

WordPress database error: [Got error 127 from table handler]
SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE ...

Of course, if nobody can see comments than why am I wasting time posting this ... and if I'm the only one not seeing comments than I won't see any responses anyway ....

oh, just forget it!

JC says

Oopsies, a little database corruption. Should be OK now. Maybe I should make a backup, hmmm?

Sean Worle says

That organ lick sounds a lot like "A Room of Our Own" by Billy Joel from his "Nylon Curtain" album. Not that you ripped it off. It's just a similar lick.
Nice song, by the way.

CC says

Yea yeah so I'm a couple years too late on this, anyhow...I love this song, as I do all the others. To me, very Beatlesque "Run For Your Life".