Or else my room is bugged

By JoCo March 26, 2006

First I find out my beard is in vogue again, and now the NY Times says zombies are back too. Do I have good timing or what?


Paul says

Uncanny, JC. Got any stock hunches?

Len says


Your Zombie song inspired me to buy this book this weekend.

Sadly, I didn't buy a beard book. :(

kp says

I can endorse the zombie survival guide mentioned in the previous comment. I felt much safer from zombies in our old house, but we're in a better school district -- there are compromises in everything.

If you're interested in zombie comics, I'd highly recommend "The Walking Dead" from Image comics. http://www.decibelmagazine.com/reviews/nov2005/walking_dead.aspx

(Man, not only am I outed as a zombie geek, now I'm outed as a comic geek, too. Ouch.) Ahem.

Some folks have mentioned Shaun of the Dead in previous comments, and I'd have to concur that it's zomberiffic! Here's the next zombie flick in my queue: http://www.crewless.com/hideandcreep/

All I know is that I'm glad we don't live in Pittsburgh: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/41676

Be careful out there.

Glenn says

And of course this is before the Seattle shootings, which were at a follow-up party to a zombie-themed party...

Michael says

If what JC says always comes to pass, then I plan to be locked in my room and hiding under the bed on May 1.

George Marselis says

Jimbo's Beard == Greatest of all beards! Arrrrrr!!!!