By JoCo March 25, 2006

Of course you remember the 700 Hoboes Project, in which a band of illustrators are attempting to draw all 700 of John Hodgman’s hobo names. There’s now an official website. 208 and counting…


Len says

Thanks for the shoutout, Jonathan. We're very excited about launching it and getting the word out about all things hobo. There are exciting things happening with the Hoboes later this year, hopefully. So make sure to keep checking back for more hobo information and of course, new drawings.

And if you really like it, help us Digg it.

That is all.

Glenn says

Oh man, I just tried to rregister that the other day, lost out again.

Lars nCompany says

Heh, mine was automatically transferred to the site. Nifty.

Glenn says

Hey, Jawbone folks -- the sub-domain my. should be aliased to the site so "my.e-hobo.com" works.

Len says

That's awesome. Thanks for letting us know. We'll do that now. The Hodg-man was incredulous that My E-Hobo.com was even taken.

Dan Coulter says

Jonathan, thanks for linking to us. For the interested parties, I've pointed my.e-hobo.com as an alias to the website.

Glenn says


-- an interested party

The site looks great, by the way. Far better than anything I could have gotten up.

cptn dingo great grand duke of bo,s says

sorry pal; you dont have a clue about hobo;s . Come to britt iowa on the second of august;and learn how hobos .built this country laid the rails and always answered the call of their country. am I to think that you are some little insignifcant that not only hides from yourself but denies the truth from others around you. even when you know better? grow up and read a book.

Charity says

Long absent, soon forgotten. Charity.