I Spell It M-A-N

By JoCo March 23, 2006

According to the New York Times, the beard may be making a comeback. Maybe it’s a reaction to the boyish, hairless, metrosexual look that’s been in vogue for so long, or maybe it’s just that beards are AWESOME. But I got news for you, so called New York Times: some of us have been “rough and manly” since way before the turn of the century, just waiting for all you smooth hairless fellows to get off your high, clean-shaven horses. Wake up and smell the whiskers, bitches…


Sung Sook says

My friend Ben is so very, very proud of his beard. The math teacher noted in the last post has grown a beard over the winter and I find it simply delicious. I love beards!!!

Erik says

I went to Branson, MO for spring break this past week with six other guys and we all went on a not-shaving binge. Also, it was the most homo-erotic time of my life. So:


Sung Sook says

May I recommend: http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Looks like you're in good company among the "whiskered" set. http://popsugar.com/6199

webjones says

Unfortunately, some of the boyish, hairless, metrosexual types might take some time adjusting their outlook on what it means to be bearded (see Erik, above).

When my beard started coming out in high school I let it grow and have rarely been without one since. And that's been a while.

This whole bearded theme seems like a good place to start for a thing-a-week.

Shig says

Yeah, thing-a-week! Write us a beardyhead anthem, Brother Jonathan!

Glenn says

Blessed be those that can grow decent beards. My attempt at a beard would frighten small children.

Josh says

If I wasn't a mere Prepubecent (I know I got that wrong...) teen I would have a beard. Confounded once again...

don't remember says

I am sooo freakin bearded, and have been for a very long time. I only have one reason for having it. I'm lazy.

Oh, and it's cold on the Canadian prairies, so, the beard keeps my face warm in the winter.

And ladies like it for a reason I won't say.

And dammit if my first grey hair hasn't shown up in my beard.

Anyway, bearded people are cool, and the bestest of people ever.

Actually, I think I look like a Klingon.

Deadlytoque says

I also have found my beard to be most useful against the elements of the Great White North, and that the ladies have been largely pro-beard. It's about time men were expected to look like men again.

Jeff H says

Beards kick butt, man. Ever heard of the Bear movement in the gay community? I must admit, feeling another man's beard against my own is very nice.

Lawbot says

No fair. I can go weeks without shaving and only look like a little greaser boy from the 70's. Which isn't so popular with women, clients, staff, myself, etc.

MightyMax says

Beard are so awesome. i myslef can only muster a gotee and sideburns because fo my teenageness. but it's good enough for me lol. viva la bigote! i think thats beard. or maybe it's mustach. whatever.