Mandelbrot Video

By JoCo March 22, 2006

Now this is awesome – I just got a very sweet letter from a 10th grade class in Minnesota who made a video for Mandelbrot Set. They’re from Sobriety High, a sober school for kids who have gone through chemical dependency treatment and want to finish up high school in a place without the standard high school temptations. They researched fractals and Benoit, drew pictures, took photos and put the whole thing together just to make me cry like a little baby. The project is detailed on their website. It makes me very happy.


BM says

My god, that's just the most fantastic godamned thing I've ever seen.

Way to go SHS 9/10 Math!

Bob says

OMG, that was great!

What's up with the random GWB image on the "he will be when he's dead" line though??? I know Dubya is a little free with the use of force and all, but he hasn't gone after the mathematicians..... yet. :-)

Glenn says

That's very cute. I thought the encoding had gone bad about halfway through, but then I realized what word was there normall.

I thought the Bush image was meant to tie with "in heaven" (it being in a church and all), but yeah, it was weird and jarring.

Glenn says

Nope, I'm wrong. Looking at it again, the Bush image is clearly connected to "he will be when he's dead". Maybe those kids know something we don't. Bush doesn't like complex things. They confuse him. I fear our friend may be in trouble.

Run Benoit, run!

Glenn says

OK, just one more. I just noticed that there's a link back to this site on Mandelbrot's Wikipedia entry because of the song.

Randy says

JC and those kids should all be ready to explode with pride over this project. It's a thing of beauty. Talk about "Changing the world in a tiny way." This made my night. I'm from St Paul and I'm proud of the folks here that I share oxygen with...

Jim Gramling says

Dude, that made me cry! I can imagine how it made you feel!

I couldn't figure out from the SHS website what the teacher's name is... but, man! That's a teacher! Congratulations to the whole class!

Len says


My favorite part was the line "...where others fail." And they show two of the kids from the class. Simply amazing!

Michael says

I note from SHS's main webpage that the math teacher is named Chad Benesh. And that's all we know of him. Evidently he doesn't *care* whether we know his name, as long as we see what his people have accomplished.

You got that right, Jim. That's a teacher.

Michael says

Oh, hey, did y'all notice that the "you are here" indicator in the menu area is the silhouette of a butterfly?

webjones says

Teachers of Chad's creativity and quality are hard to find and I'm glad that those kids have him. That was most excellent.

Chad Benesh says

Wow. We are flattered and overwhelmed by your kind comments. The kids are singing the song on their own around the school, and, I'm told, where they live. Thanks for your encouragement.

The class says: Mandelbrot rules! Rock on!

paul says

It makes me happy when people discover you music, but this is off the chart of my happy-o-meter.

Great for them.

Discochuck says

Excellent video... very well done. Great job SHS!

U. in Minneapolis says

Hey, they've got a band, too- they rock! You should see if they'll cover Mandelbrot Set! Yay for the TC!

Mary W says

Thanks for the comments ppl! I had alot of fun making this video with my classmates and my tech! Chads an great teacher... and i just want to thank you all for caring.... aka half the pics were drawn by us.... addicts have talent too "wink wink" lol


Dan says

Creative Commons, baby!

Too Late says

Can anyone share a link to the video?
The one given doesn't lead anywhere any longer.