Too Much Coulton

ByJoCo March 21, 2006

Another interview on the Slice of Sci-Fi podcast if you’re into that sort of thing – thanks guys! And if you’re really looking for an overdose of Coulton, you can listen to Mark Forman’s latest Getting a Legup Podcast which sounds like the inside of my head when I’m having a dream about dreaming about myself. It’s like having a heaping Coulton sampler plate scraped into your mouth.

And because a friend of mine was complaining that this isn’t really that much of a “blog” because it’s really just news about me and copyright issues, I will balance the above news about me with a link to something that you will find really interesting.


Ian says

I do believe that this is the very definition of a blog. It's the "News About Jonathan Coulton and Copyright Issues Blog."

jpez says

I like this blog just the way it is. Don't get them foolish idears in your head about "thinking" and "opinions" -- we just want YOU!

Eric Ginsberg says

Thanks for the hen. We're all enjoying it over here at my office.

At the ER, getting the JoCo pumped out of my stomach,

Michael says

I'm with jpez. We're here to read Coulton News, and that's what we're getting. No need to change it.

webjones says

I just love watching chicks on their webcams!

And there's nothing wrong with a having a particular theme to your "blog". There's plenty of examples of that on the web. Come to think of it, there's plenty of examples of anything on the web.