About Last Night

By JoCo March 20, 2006

What a fun show that was. Thanks to everyone who came out and laughed loudly at all the right times – you were a great audience. One of these days I really have to start making one of these “mailing lists” that everyone’s talking about. And thanks to Paul and Storm for booking the gig, singing backup and sharing the stage. If you’re keeping track you’ll know that I’ll next be at the Ritalin Readings on March 28 at Mo Pitkin’s again – only for one song, so don’t get all dressed up.

Now: when I was doing Flickr and I got to the Pies Here photo, there was a particularly pointed cheer from someone out there in the darkness. Perhaps a pie lover? Perhaps the maker of that photo? Color me intrigued – who were you mysterious cheering person?


Glenn says

Sign me up for the mailing list -- I don't want to miss a monkey-lovin' morsel.

Margaret says

*raises hand*

I am in fact a great fan of pie. My friend who was with me at the show last night has dubbed me the Mistress of Pie. So of course we were both highly amused and somewhat boisterous during the "pies here" section of the program. My husband was probably just embarrassed at me being a public nuisance again. ;)

My love of pie borders on the ridiculous at times. I have been known to gather small and hungry tribes of friends to wander around aimlessly in search of pie on foreign shores. I can report that the pie on the Cayman Islands is pretty good, but Jamaica, ehhh, not so much.

I was once mocked at my local emergency room because I checked myself in after a minor household incident and all I brought with me to read was a pie cookbook. Okay, the mockery could also have had something to do with my Hello Kitty pajamas, but really, I do love pie.

However, I must note that when my friends and I inquired as to what the "pie of the day" on the menu was last night, we were told that it was not pie, but some sort of rice pudding. Pie of the Day was false advertising, and I am disappointed.

But the show was great, despite the lack of (advertised) pie.

Kathleen says

It was, indeed, a wonderful concert! You definitely do need to do more live shows! We'll all sing along if it will help! :) Hope to see more of you-in many venues!

Kerrin says

I want to see you live! Is there any chance of you venturing to the Great isle of Britian?

I'm sure I'm not the only British fan!

Either that or can you plan your events months in advanced and tell us about them, so I know where and when to fly to the United States of America to see you. And if you think I am kidding, I'm not.

Megan says

Or Canada! Come to Montreal and I'll make sure there are lots of people at your gig. I don't think I can come into the States anymore since my... incident.

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

Margaret (and any other pie-ro-maniacs): if you ever find yourself in British Columbia, be sure not to miss the Chilliwack Airport. It's a weird fact that they have some of the best pies around here.

There's no other reason to go there, unless you're a local pilot flying to another local airport, but people (including my family) have been known to go there just for the pie.

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

And speaking of Flickr, here's someone who's done something that seems similar, though much weirder (by a few orders of magnitude!):


JoCo says

Ah, Margaret the pie lover. That explains it. As for you other gig wanters in other places besides NYC, yeah, I gotta get on that...

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

If you ever perform in the Vancouver, BC, area, I'd be willing to billet you!