Thing a Week 25 – Stroller Town

By JoCo March 17, 2006

On a sunny day in my neighborhood, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a stroller (believe me). I’m not complaining, in fact I freely admit that I am part of the problem. So this is kind of about that, though it’s also about a baby who likes to drag race. And before you point it out, yes, I was thinking very hard about the Beach Boys while I was doing this, specifically “I Get Around” and “Shut Down.”

Stroller Town

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Eric Ginsberg says

1 Comment

Josh says

Interesting song. This definitely goes in the top half of your things a week

Dennis Gray says


I first heard your song 'Ikea' and thought, "Here's a guy who SINGS what I think"...then I hear 'Shop Vac' and I think "Here's a guy who SINGS what I feel", then I hear "Stroller Town" and I think, "HOLY CRAP here's a guy who SINGS what I LIVE!!!"


I'd like to play 'Stroller Town' on my next episode of "101 Uses For Baby Wipes" where'd he put that tip jar!

George says

I'm afraid that the Austin Lounge Lizards beat you to the punch in 1998 with "Hey, Little Minivan".

jpez says

Brilliant! You're back on track with Thing a Week -- I was worried for a couple of weeks there.

Alex says

That was Amazing! I was tearing up laughing. I wish I could come see you perform live at Mo Pitkins tommorow, but I must go back to college. :-(

J says

I am posting this because of your song...

You should get a shirt at this site:

Derek says

So the question is, what rig are you pushing around?

JoCo says

Dude, Bugaboo!

Kerrin says

I can just see the muppets doing this song!

I just think there is nothing original left for JC to do, and then he does it again!

Susan says

Awesome song, JC.

Check it out, you're posted on, which is where I found the Park Slope/Bugaboo tshirt link that I sent you. It's a small world ahhhh-fter all.

Sarah says

Greg at Daddytypes loves your stuff. I hope the link scores you a few dimes! Then you can afford the supplies to make a sign that says "I ASSURE YOU THIS BUGABOO WAS A GIFT."

mhenry1384 says

You need to get a job as staff songwriter at a show like "Jack's Big Music Show" on Noggin.

Either that or someone needs to hire you to write a modern version of Schoolhouse Rock. You could be the Bob Dorough of your generation.

But yeah, Jack's. Send in your resume. If you get the gig, I get 10% for coming up with the idea.

Jeff says

I haven't been here in a couple (well, three) weeks but I'm astounded by this one! I only wish my 1 year old were able to understand the lyrics but I appreciate them.

Aaron Wormus says

I've been pushing around that Mcleren Techno XT for the last 3 years... best damn stroller out there. The cloth is a bit frayed from all the use, but the frame is still as good as new.

Great song!

tofu says

of course, I see this and immediately thought of "Stroller Town" ;)

Kyle says

This is an awesome song! Before I came to like JoCo I was a beach boys song and this one is so much like shut down (like JoCo said) it is awesome! The first time I heard this song I had to look up the strollers on Google Images.

I like the descripion of swivel suspention and 5 point harness. This is an awesome song. Way to go!

Harve says

Cool! Commentary on a modern society is what we need much more of :=)

I think you should have added something about fashion strollers though. You know like that weird looking Xplory stroller from Stokke. Some people might wanna throw stones around just to take it out. Or maybe they're scared if they threw a stone at it that it might fall over? ;)

But I gotta say guess whta happened last Sunday? Yepp! I was out walking and bang almost walked right into one. Damn, that thing is a sexy looking stroller!

JenB says

I should have sent this ages ago.

Drag racing babies... gotta love it. Stroller Town became the Mommy & Daddy soundtrack for doing laps around the hospital unit after our 5 month old son had surgery. (substituting the hospital's "cheap-o Graco" for Bugaboo doesn't work, but we could pretend we were pushin' an ultra-cool Bugaboo).

Love it!

Wayne Elgin says

I've been going through the JoCo catalog and found this song. Even though I had to look up what a MacLaren was versus what I was thinking (McLaren), I love the clever word play. Any song that makes me look forward to having kids has strange powers. Awesome song!

Jen says

I think Bugaboo is more popylar than the xplory lol. Keep them coming!

Ben says

This is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Ever.

Ernie H. says

Great site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking your feeds also, Thanks.

Cara - Discount Baby Strollers says

Nice song! Makes me remember my old days!LOL