By JoCo March 16, 2006

Is it just me, or does MySpace really suck? The interface is disorganized and full of holes, lots of stuff doesn’t even work, and every page takes three hours to load all the ads. I know they’ve been growing like crazy, trying to keep up with the demand, but come on guys get it together. And I appreciate that everyone wants to modify their page and make it look “unique” and all, but yuck. It’s the ugliest, most frustrating tool on the entire internet. How did such a crapfest become the biggest social networking site ever?

I’m so angry I just punched the guy sitting next to me at the coffee shop.


kp says

It's not just you, but sharing my opinion doesn't really get you in the clear.

AiYume says

Sorry about the guy sitting next to you...

Yes. It sucks. Somehow they have cast a glamour over net newbies and stupid people (and record execs; or is that redundant) to make them think it's the hottest thing since (insert name of latest Google product here).

They managed to get money by going as commercial as they possibly could. is a nicer community, but doesn't have some of the music tools that MySpace does. Still, might want to check it out. At least you could link back to your home page for more exposure.

Glenn says

Hey, ow. That's probably why I never go there.

Just because it's the hottest thing current doesn't mean it's a *good* thing.

Shig says

I'm afraid it is just you. The rest of us think that myspace really really really really really really [... x 1,000,000,000 ...] really sucks.

Jim Reverend says

MySpace is one of the biggest piles of Internet waste ever created. I made my own rant a few months ago here.

Dave says

You don't suck, Jon. Not in the least.

What, you couldn't have expected someone NOT to say that, could you? at least I used a comma in the proper place...

jpez says

It's like all things that are popular with teens.

Darth says

Fun fact! MySpace is owned by the same company responsible for Fox News.

I was surprised for about half a second when I learned that, before realizing that it makes perfect sense.

paul says

That is why we let our show flunkie (Ceepe) handle our page.

Hi Ceepe! You're doing a heckuva job!

Lars nCompany says

(This has probably been said, or implied, but) I think most of the crappy page designs are the result of stupid, or non-internet-savy people getting their first taste of internets and so they don't have any concept of what makes up a good page design. It's sort of the equivalent of finding a grammatically correct sentence in an average AIM conversation.

Aaron says

It is awful, but I've found one amazing way to get around everyone's crappy modifications to their pages - Firefox with the Greasemonkey addon.....and the user script "Myspace custom style remover"....

It's incredible. Although, you still get all the crappy ads, bad design, horrible load times, etc....But the fix is at least a start.

Adam says

MySpace is popular with teenagers (and the teenagers-at-heart) precisely *because* it allows them to make god-awful looking pages. Danah Boyd wrote a great article on youth culture and MySpace, which is the best explanation I've heard. Oh, and it crashes far less than before Fox bought it - the only substantive changes they've made seem to be adding features and reliability, so I don't think you can (yet) decry it as part of their evil schemes.

hugh says

I was thinking you could rework "I'm having a party":

I've got a page on my space
you can add me as a friend
get a headache reading yellow text
wait an hour while the pictures load


i'm cool look at me/you can be cool too

you're a unique individual/just like everyone else/i want to be a unique individual/just like everyone else

waste a billion electrons to say nothing more than "me too"

there's 15 year old boys who are 13 year old girls/and 30 year old men who are 15 year old boys/you can be whoever you want/so be somebody cool like me/except don't be me/'cause I'm already me/at least my profile says i am/ (i have a myspace profile...therefore i am)

On the other hand, while it's not as foolish as mocking Norsemen's language, dissing myspace users might not be a smart career move.
On the other other hand, it could get you lots of attention. The ones that can take a joke might buy some records.

hugh says

The other idea that comes to mind is a parody of "Tenderness on the Block", changing it to "Tenderness on the Blog" and substituting blogging references.

Mama, where's your pretty little girl tonight
Well she's got a page on My Space - that's right
She's growing up
She has a page on MySpace
She's growing up
She has a page on MySpace
She'll find true love
And tenderness on the blog

Daddy, don't you ask her what she's writing there
Don't search for her user name and despair
She's posting now
She has a page on MySpace

Louis says

MySpace makes the furry lobster cry salty salty tears.
Of anger.

hugh says

There's some intersting discussion here:

webjones says

And, God, do I hate it when they put those damn auto-play music videos up there.

I hope the guy sitting next to you in the coffee shop was guilty of having a MySpace.

Nathan says

Aha! So you were the guy that punched me. What an asshole.