It was described to me as “optional”

By JoCo March 16, 2006

Scott Bateman is seven times better than I am, because he’s doing a flash animation EVERY DAY in something he’s calling Bateman365. Day 212 happens to be an animation done to the John Hodgman attack ad about me not taking care of his cat. Apparently everyone in the world is eventually going to hear Hodgman complaining about this cat business (incidentally, John and I remember very different versions of this event, my version being the correct one). To the person whose cat I am caring for this weekend, rest assured, your very clear instructions will be carried out to the letter.

Cat stuff aside, there seem to be a few different people out there doing weekly/daily output of creative material. Good for us. Someone should make a list…


Glenn says

Ha. Hey, he's got Zoe Trope in there, another Portlander. Small damn town.

jp3z says

At least you weren't masturbating out a window.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

You bastard meow meow I'm so meow meow I could meow meow your balls! I'm meow kidding!

kp says

If you're making a list of people posting on a daily basis, don't forget my man Tracy over at As you know, he's posting an album a day from his extensive vinyl collection, along with occasional posts about stuff he's made and his new online publishing business.

Anthony says

Nice job on that Flickr music video! Any background on how you came up with the idea? :)

JoCo says

Anthony: thanks! To answer your question, I was thinking about the emotional power of music and image in combination, and wondering what would happen if you removed all meaning. I tricked myself though, because in using Creative Commons photos, it sort of became about Creative Commons, or Flickr, or humanity, or something.

Josh says

About the list, I think that podcasting has been a nig factor in making that impossible. just about everyone makes something, and most of it sucks. I have a mini- newsletter, and a satire political vlog, both of which I do in my spare time, and I hope don't suck.

Scott Bateman says

It occurs to me that we should do an animation telling YOUR side of the cat-sitting story, since Mr. Hodgman's views are getting all the airtime. Can you record something and email it to me...?