Yam Yam Yam

By JoCo March 14, 2006

I will not stop talking, so don’t even ask. Did another interview with the baddest mofo in podcasting, Dave Slusher on his Evil Genius Chronicles podcast. We talk about my ratio of $ to downloads, my creative process, stuff about me, and oh yes, I say a thing or two about me. Also: me me me. If you STILL haven’t had enough, give it a listen.

And here’s a 35-minute demo of the Greatest Game Ever Created: Spore. This is from Will Wright, the creator of Sim City and The Sims, so he’s got a little street cred. He describes it as “sim everything” and it’s just dripping with possibilities. How much you want to bet I won’t be able to play it on my Mac?


jp3z says

Unless you get Virtual PC, even though it suxxorz.

jp3z says

Also, you need to have a Jonathan Coulton podcast with Thing a Week and random stuff like this.

Glenn says

I'm inclined to agree about Spore. I just hope it can live up to all the time we'll have spent anticipating it.

jpez says

It seems like gameplay might get a little repetitive -- it's not going to be very much fun restarting the game as a bacteria when you've had control of the entire universe. It seems like the gameplay might also get somewhat repetitive. Even though everything is procedural, there appear to be certain bottlenecks that every civilization will have to go through. Once you find the most efficient way to get through them, you will play the game the same way almost every time. Also, the lack of direct interaction with other players is a big dissapointment. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to go invade your friend's game in real time if you're both online.

JoCo says

jpez: I agree, there are things about it that might suck. I can already imagine myself spending (not necessarily enjoying) hours and hours eating little algae and plankton, tweaking my creature - the same way you can play The Sims and kind of hate it the whole time. I agree with you on the multi player angle, I wouldn't be surprised if that's something that will come down the road. Still, it seems to be a real different and creative kind of game, which is refreshing to an old man like me.

dan says

Make it a first-person shooter sim with a light-pen interface and a realistic carpenter's hammer instead of a panic button, and I'm in.

But I'm really waiting for a drywall sim, because I need to finish the drywall in my basement, but I need a reasonable distraction from that task even more.

Also, I think I'd probably get snagged at the Backhoe Tycoon sub-plot, making so many trenches on a planet that I virtually shear away the first 12 feet of its crust, creating a blank slate from which I might be tempted to do more backhoeing all over again. Perhaps my backhoe operator would grow old and retire, or sadly, expire mid-dig. I must remember to clone him and leave the clones in cold storage. I hope they don't spoil. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to backhoe a planet over the course of an entire career, and then have some clone come in at the end and screw it all up?

Need to develop nuclear power for backhoes, too. I don't want to have to stop for gas. Perhaps cybernetic limbs aren't a bad idea for the backhoe operator. Anti-matter the size of a Pop Tart might come in handy, too, if the sim allows for theoretical energy containers.

It should.

Eric Ginsberg says

You need to check this out. This is about Jonnie Francis' new song, and it reminds me of you. Read.

C Ya,

AiYume says


I think you need to check out this review of game called REF (okay, it's just a story, but very funny and includes what you're looking for in a game).


JoCo says

There is also Desert Bus, where you drive a bus across an empty desert for 8 hours to get to Vegas, then you drive it back. You can stop at the bus stops, but nobody ever gets on or off. The steering wheel veers to the right the whole time, so you can't just put the controller down and walk away. And if you make it to Vegas without drifting off into the desert you get one point.