Juggler Fight!

By JoCo March 14, 2006

A couple of weeks ago I ran across this video of Chris Bliss juggling to Golden Slumbers by The Beatles, and like everyone else I thought it was pretty cool. Rather, almost everyone. Juggler Jason Garfield thinks it was crap, and anyway Chris Bliss looks like Leslie Neilson. He’s posted a long angry response as well as a video of him doing a 5-ball routine to the same song. Suck it Bliss!


BadServo says

For looking like teh poor-man's Vin Diesel, he certainly takes thigns a bit seriously. It's juggling man, settle down.

webjones says

Wonder when they're going to make that an Olympic sport. Makes just as much sense as figure skating.

Dave says

I thought the original simpler one was much more enjoyable. Despite the greater technical proficiency of the five ball routine, the busy-ness of it took away from the appeal of the three ball one. If one rated art by the technique required to produce it, no one would ever listen to "Louie Louie" and Yngwie Malmsteen would be one of our top selling artists. Don't work that way, angry juggler man. After reading that diatribe, he should hope no one comes after him for his spelling and grammar.

Glenn says

Boy, that guy has it in for Bliss! I can fully believe that Bliss-hating Jason Hate-Bliss (notice he advertises his lessons as "learn to juggle better than Bliss") is better technically, the Bliss performance was much more fun. Bliss seemed to actually enjoy what he was doing, not to mention really liking the song. And he just seemed more into the rhythm of the piece. Plus, he had the good sense to use bright-colored balls on a dark background. In the Jason Hate-Beatles video, you could barely see the balls half the time. And editing the standing ovation into his own video was kind of graceless.

If I ever need a top-flight juggler to save the country in a crazy commando mission, I'd pick Mr. Hate-Bliss. But I think if I were looking for someone to entertain a crowd, I'd probably go with Bliss. (Same with lessons -- I can imagine the other guy barking, "No, no, no!" You're still not even as good as Bliss! Do it again!)

I wonder if the "lawn care" at the bottom of his business card is just a joke.

Kevin Ballard says

I dunno. I watched Bliss for a bit, but stopped. I agree with Jason about Bliss's body movements and writhing around and such. I just found it kinda disturbing. His juggling was decent, yes, but that's it. However, I found Jason's performance to be far more impressive and more enjoyable to watch.

Mike Wood says

You have to step back and ask yourself, "how does a three-ball routine, four and a half minutes long, get on stage at Just For Laughs?" I mean really. Who doesn't have a crazy uncle who could "look like he was enjoying himself" and "really like the song" while awkwardly juggling three balls. Enjoying yourself does not an artist make.

I kept waiting for Chris Bliss to pick up another ball, and then another, and another to make it an interesting routine.

Jason Garfield on the other hand, did a brilliant parody of something that wasn't even entertaining until he parodied it.

Lars nCompany says

In my opinion, they both lose points for not using knives.

Paul says

Steve Martin's cat juggling is still better.

Steve says

Get a life people!

Pambrose says

Yo, it's defined as ENTERTAINMENT, and that's what Bliss provided.

Matthew says

More than a year later, I find out that it appears the whole World Juggling Federation has their hate on for Chris Bliss: