My Hobo

By JoCo March 13, 2006

The 500 Hoboes Project continues, albeit slowly. Len over at Jawbone drew this image of Hobo #577, Jonathan Crouton. As you can see, Mr. Crouton is beloved by furry lobsters everywhere.

Also, this blog is making me giggle. But what is it?


jpez says

Continuing the lobster trend of late: 'Giant' lobster lives up to name. It's not furry, but it's old.

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

Dunno what that blog is, but it reminds me of They Might Be Giants lyrics.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Great pic Len and "Crouton." Hey Crouton why don't you threaten old Len playfully with "furry lobster" if he doesn't change his flickr publishing to CC license so we can help him share it around and give him some more love via attribution.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

..and while I'm thinking about it, was that "Curl" song of your some kind of a veiled dig at Canadians,eh?

webjones says

That blog was like reading my 15-year-old daughter's blog. Except it didn't have words like whore and bitch on it. :-) (she didn't learn those from me, by the way).

Len says

They Brooklyn Bluesman, yeah, thanks for that. I usually change the license on the drawings, but I haven't done it in a while. Good call. Doing it now!

jp3z says

Happy Pi Day all!

Len says

Man, I sounded like a total idiot on that above post. It was supposed to say "Hey Brooklyn Bluesman." So much for multi-tasking while posting.

BTW, I changed the license on the hobo drawing. Is that the right license? Or should I use something different?

Brooklyn Bluesman says

That's all she wrote Len-you nailed it. Excellent job on the "Muhrkin" what we call the furry lobster here in Lappland. We of course shave them first before we bash them to bits with Ikea catalog. That "Crouton" fellow seems like he could use a good Ikea tune-up as well.

Zac says

That website tried to create like 40 cookies when I went to it. Boo!