Thing a Week 24 – Don’t Talk to Strangers

By JoCo March 10, 2006

Yes: the Rick Springfield song. This recording is based on an arrangement I once did live at Little Gray Books with my friend Phoebe. I heard a recording of it recently and my voice sounded terrible, but I liked the arrangement a lot so I thought I’d flesh it out a little more and give it to you nice people.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

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Josh says

Happy aniversity!!! If I recall correctly, this is a half year since you started, having two weeks you had off. Good job staying strong!

I like the song by the way.

Glenn says

I got all excited the other when when I heard someone on NPR say "and that music was from the blog of Jonathan Col[mumble]on", but it turns out not to have been you, but some guy named Colson or somthing like that. Lame.

Fortunately there's no admonition against talking to strange people online.

I can't wait for Jessie's Girl!

Eric says

On a day that was not today,
Jonathan Coulton wrote a song about a day
that was like today,
but was not today.
"What song?" you say?
"First of May"
mother fuckers!

If my work were a municipality, and I were a registered voter therein, I would have voted "yes" on proposition: open the windows. However, I don't want to sign up for Selective Services, in case my boss decides to declare war against our neighbors, for the valor of the company, and I become the one-man army thereof.

That said, today was warm. And I wish I had been fucking outside.

C Ya,

Len says

I'm almost embarrassed to say that "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" was the first album I bought with my own money.

Burns! says

JC, I don't want to take away from your original songs (which are Hawsome!,) but I *love* your cover tunes. This one is brilliant. Thanks!

BadServo says

Yeah, this is a lovely arrangement. It's adds a certain depth of sound to an otherwise trite peice of songwriting.

Excellent as always, mate.

mattie says

I have no idea if this is good or not, but I figured I should let you know about it when I saw it.
Please carry on making awe-tastic music, Skullcrusher Mountain is currently living inside my head like a happy pet. ^_^

Eddison says

Is it just me or is the new song not available? I can't downloadz it!

Mythgarr says

what's with having all of your songs hosted on I can't access them through the firewall at work. What's a guy to do while whittling away the hours of the night at work?

The Radford says

Holy shit dude, did you know I went to see Mr. Rick Springfield live in concert last weekend at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington?

And would you believe that it was literally the best concert I've seen in about 10 years?

And that he is AWESOME? And has still got the sex-a-mappeal in spades?

It was, in a word, transcendant. He is a genius. As are you.

JoCo says

Mattie: That's kind of cool, though I'm not sure what I have to offer in trade that beats some of the offers already made. I mean, somebody put up a $5000 diamond ring. My diamonds are all in hock.

Ed/Myth: Yes, experiment. Didn't work so well for a few people. The main songs page is now direct links. Let me know if there's other stuff that's still annoying.

Radford: You told me you were going, but I forgot until just now, maybe that was the reason I was thinking about old Rick. I'm sure he rocked - good to see he's still working (and working it).

Brock Woolf says

Great song Jonathan!
I haven't heard the original, but I really liked this one.
And you are wrong, you voice sounded really good in the song.

Keep it up!

P.S. "The Town Crotch" and "RE: Your Brains" rock!