Furry Lobster Survives

By JoCo March 8, 2006

Oh, come on! Are you kidding me?! Apparently some divers found an actual furry furry lobster in the South Pacific. It is white, blind and covered with hair (just like Ronnie Milsap). If we wait long enough, everything in Hodgman’s book will become true. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

If you don’t see why I think this is a big story, then you haven’t heard this: Furry Old Lobster


jpez says

Friggin' sweet.

Eric Ginsberg says

Either that, or everything in Jonathan Coulton's songs will become true. Dude, I can't WAIT for a half-monkey/half-pony monster! Ooh, ooh, and the Robot Wars are what is going to "Friggin' sweet", my friend, jpez.

Paul says

Glad you saw this - was eating breakfast this AM reading the paper and almost spit out my cereal when I saw the picture, having heard your song just the other week :-)

Glenn says

Oh man, I was just in the process of writing to tell you this. Gotta get up earlier in the morning.

Peter Jaros says

Damn. I'm not the first to tell you. Heck I'm not even the first to tell you I was about to tell you.

Time to go listen to Furry Old Lobster again...

JH says

this whole thing reeks of hoax to me, i have to say

JoCo says

It gets a little weirder. Here is this OTHER furry lobster, actually it's technically a "musical furry lobster" (because it chirps like a cricket) and it was originally discovered in the 80s by French researchers who ate it (le oops). Then later they found another one in Australia: musical furry lobster.

So, ah, what the hell is going on?

Bob says

It's only a matter of time before someone discovers a bearded clam.

paul says

My wife sent me an email with a day's worth of exclamation points telling me to send you that story.

You have a strange effect on people.

I just assumed you knew about it because people who make cool songs know everything.

webjones says


It's a plant. I think Jonathan teamed up with that Mad Scientist dude from Skullcrusher Mountain and made that lobster.

Gle3nn says

I found this story with a picture if you don't already have it.

Gle3nn says

Here is the picture that I clicked on to get the article.

I found it through Awelshview.com

AiYume says

And here's yet another picture. Um... Okay, it's really a webcomic, but I think you'll find it amusing:

Mary says

Ok, this is odd. I googled your name, and the first thing that came up was the Furry Old Lobster Song. Since it wasn't dated, and I didn't know what "week 12" was, date-wise, I added the link to the news story. Silly me, I should have clicked on "home" first.

Burns! says

Everyone is focusing on the lobster, and missing the best part of this...

"It is white, blind and covered with hair (just like Ronnie Milsap)."