Gig Tonight

By JoCo March 1, 2006

Just a reminder, if you look in the box above you’ll see the details for my appearance at Invite Them Up tonight in NYC along with John Hodgman and David Rees. Should be a fun show – come on out if you can.

Also, here is this example of why you should not drink the night before your appearance on a morning show: because it will make you very sad.


Margaret says

Aww, crap. Wish I'd known before today- I read the syndicated feed from LJ so I don't see the fun stuff on the page unless I click over. *pout*

I will be at the Mo Pitkin's show and bringing friends though.

Eric Skiff says

Hey Jon, it's Eric Skiff from the GlitchCast. I was at the show last night, but I didn't realize you were, well, you.

Here's the comment I just left on Anya's blog:

Holy crap! That was Jonathan Coulton!?!

I didn't even realize it last night! I played the crap out of Jon's "podsafe christmas song" back during the holidays! He's amazing! Well, he was amazing last night too, so I guess that makes sense, but wow! Wish I'd said hi now.

Well, anyway, I'll say hello next time now that I know!

-Eric Skiff
The GlitchCast

Eric says

Hey,'re late! It's 1AM, and officially Friday. I want my Thing! I'll give you 'til mid-afternoon, but then I'm comin' up there to drag your ass around the five boros! ;)

C Ya,

Glenn says

Hmm, would it make sense to make an RSS feed for gigs? It's very easy to make a Livejournal account from an RSS feed, and I could link to that from the Monkeyminions community. (Which I forgot to update with photos from the Powell's visit...)

Paul says

Oh, man... imagine what that smelled like under the hot studio lights.

JoCo says

Hey Margaret: sorry about that, I'm a dummy. I should definitely be posting about these in addition to the cute box. And I should have an email list. And there should be an RSS feed. And days should be 40 hours long...

Eric Ginsberg says

...then you'd have Thing A Week done already? Less talky, more Thingy!

What exactly is "RSS", btw (don't answer 'til after the Thing is posted!)?

Your favorite unstable fan,