Stupid Gut

ByJoCo February 27, 2006

Spent all of yesterday flat on my back with some kind of a stomach flu. Remind me not to get sick again, because that sucked. A few things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest:

1. Congrats to Team Fenson who captured the first ever US olympic curling medal – they did not in fact keep the Canadians down, but they did edge out Great Britain. I also have word that Curl has gotten some airplay on MIX 103.7 in Minnesota. Rock!

2. Just did an interview with John Moe for a show called The Works on KUOW in Seattle that should air tomorrow night at 8 PM. Thanks Jon!

3. I found this picture of a half-pony half-monkey monster sculpture on Flickr. Someone has too much time on their hands (um, besides me).

4. Paul and Storm, my co-bills for the March 19th gig, have released this tribute to Don Knotts.

5. Here is a million dollar idea about 20 years too late.

6. And finally, here is this cover of Skullcrusher Mountain from David Stevenson.


Rach says

Loved the curling reference (and your song!). I'm from Bemidji originally, and all that curling coverage on TV was awesome. I'll be heading up in August and will make my usual stop at Dave's Pizza for sure -- and maybe catch a glimpse of our hero, Pete.

emma says

So, if I were to design and knit a half-pony half-monkey monster stuffed toy for your kid, that would probably brand me as insane *and* with too much time on my hands. Right-o.

Michael says

Not that there's anything *wrong* with that...

JoCo says

Right, I wasn't judging, merely observing. Anyone can knit anything for my kid at any time, I'll say that.

Kelly says

So I heard the song Ikea last night on WRIR Richmond, and my studiomates and I decided it was undoubtedly the best song ever. We listened intently for the name of the artist and scribbled it down furiously in our sketchbooks. Then we went home and bought the song off iTunes.
There was much rejoycing.
Thanks :)

Richard Crawford says

So, Emma, if you do knit such a beast, think you could send the pattern my way? I've got a wife who's an avid knitter and who shares my tastes (scary thought).

Kate says

Saw you over at Mefi with the flickr musical .. I love "mashups"

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Don't you think you've been coy with us long enough? Isn't about time you write a song with tam o'shanter in the lyrics. It'd really be a shame to let that Yale education go to waste.

JK says

So, who is David Stevenson and how has he somehow managed to escape google? Or perhaps he's just buried THAT deep in google....

Perhaps he does a guitar comedy show - he speaks the lyrics more than singing them, but his playing is decent enough. *shrug*