Thing a Week 22 – Take Care of Me

By JoCo February 24, 2006

Sometimes you wake up grumpy, that’s all. I like this one – you can see that I’ve become addicted to hand claps in the chorus, as well as the combination bridge/solo move (that way you don’t have to write bridge lyrics!). I should point out that the solo is actually played by me on an actual accordion. That thing is a bitch.

Take Care of Me

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Christopher Grant Harris says

Hey, that "Buy the Song" link you got up there looks like it goes somewhere other than where you probably intended it. You might want to check that out...

JoCo says

Oops. Sorry about that. This internet stuff is hard...

Paul says

I work with a lady like that. Every sentence out of her mouth starts with, "Do me a favor," or "I need help with this." Certain types just weren't meant to leave the nest, rather the nest should have been sealed shut around them. Working with this person is hell - I cringe if I have to enter the same room where she is.
Perhaps if I played this song incessantly on my PC she'd get the point.

BadServo says

Hey, congrats on getting the whole JC-run storefront up. The system worked quite well. I'm really pleased since I've enjoyed all your work that you've generously made available freely (especially the Popular Science disc). That said, I'm currently unemployed an it's tough to drop a lump sum on a full album or to donate what I think the entertainment you've brought me is truly worth.

But with this "Buy This Song" option, I don't have to agonize nearly as much. A single dollar is easy to rationalize and is a great value. I buck a week for consistently good music that supports independent artists is a small price to pay. I personally would love to see moreartists impliment this style of releasing favoring the publish of individual tracks that can be pruchased immediately and inexpensively VS a single overpriced disc of music that may or may note be worth it. While many consider it a pipe dream that independent artists may one day be able to enjoy decent commercial success while bypassing the corporate middle-man altogether, it's a dream I wish dearly to see come to pass.

I hope that the impulse to press that "Buy This Song" link isn't limited to just myself and Chris Harris. Eagerly looking forward to the next "thing."

Yours Truly,
BadServo (Official JC Customer)

JoCo says

Mr. Servo: I'm glad to hear all of that - it does feel a lot better to me having things set up this way. Free, but with the option to buy. And I agree that the single song model is better. Maybe not for the labels, but certainly for the listeners. I hope the middle men are shaking in their boots (but I suspect they are instead lounging in their silk pajamas).

MelS says

OK I thought you were singing about me... "that's not the pen I wanted"... It's true - I have more days like that than I care to admit! Now... can someone help me turn on the light in here? Fine then, I'll just sit in the dark....
Oh, so sad. But so amusing :-)

April says

This will be my boyfriend's theme song! I'll share it with him tonight.

I heard you on NPR this morning (or last night). I kept repeating your name so I would remember to write it down.

I forgot to write it down. :(

I couldn't find your info on the NPR site so I googled "jonathan free music" and you were the first hit! Yeah!

I'll listen to a few more songs and if all goes well then I'll send you some cash! Not much because I'm cheap and poor but just enough so I feel a little less guilty about enjoying your music for free. :)

Eddison says

This is my current favourite song in the world ever. Thank you for making it.