JoCo Speaks

By JoCo February 24, 2006

Will someone shut me up please? Did an interview on the TheyNow podcast, a podcast about They Might Be Giants. We talk about, well, me. And some other stuff. I’m a big fan of their music, and as many have noted, they’re a big influence on me. I have met them a couple times, but they probably don’t remember me, or if they do, only as that creepy guy who was hanging around backstage that time. They know John Hodgman because he appears as the eccentric millionaire on their website. But everyone knows John Hodgman…


Lars nCompany says

I heard you on that, which was cool. I thought that observation on listeners with ADD was pretty interesting, since I, like that host guy, have it and am a big fan of both you and TMBG.

Ian says

I may not have ADD, but I do love your stuff. Mid-tempo songs are so hard to get right. And you're right, accordions are a bitch to play. Good on ya.

Unrelated thought: I think you should update your CafePress shop with some new designs. I think it'd be cool to have a T-shirt that says "If you need me, I'll be downstairs, with the Shop Vac."

Josh says

I most definitely agree. I also think you should get some for Baby Got Back (unless you already have), and other Thing a weeks.

Glenn says

This is probably still a work in progress, but the blue and orange combination feels really off to me. I do love the upcoming shows list up at the top.

Len says

I thought that question about Hodgman was hilarious. Mr. Hodgman creepy? Yes? No? I guess that's the question. Isn't it?

Liz says

On a related note, TMBG have now immortalized you in their fourth podcast. "Borderline irresponsible..."

Josh says

Ya, I saw that. Freaking awesome. I almost crapped my pants when I heard them putting the attack ads in there (not really).

JoCo says

Here we see the benefits of a Hodgman affiliation. I highly recommend it.

John says

Even though I'd greatly enjoyed the LGB podcasts, this was actually my first exposure to Skullcrusher Mountain. I was walking from my office to a work meeting. Mood improved considerably. Afterwards I sought out your other songs on this site and again really enjoyed. Thanks!

Anyways, I've always loved story arcs. Probably a reaction to Gilligans Island and Star Trek from the 60's wherein no matter what hijinx things had to get back to exactly where they started by the end of the show.

It occurs to me that several of your songs could fit into a story arc:

T1000 (perhaps modified to make it a family rather than an individual)

[new song] wherein T1000 is attacked/harmed or perhaps just insulted. (May I suggest a clever boy named 'Billy Anderson' as the protaganist?)

[new song] regarding the robot tribunal and sentencing to the asteroid Chiron Beta Prime (love that name!) (May I suggest referring to violations of 'Robot's Rules of Order"? as a nod to Firesign Theater?)

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime

[new song] where the Andersons escape from Chiron Beta Prime but sadly all but Billy Anderson perish, turning Billy into a bitter twisted young man.

[new song] wherein Billy conceives the idea of igniting the stratosphere as a means to overthrow the robot overlords albeit at the cost of almost all humanity.

Skullcrusher Mountain [Billy having become the mad scientist].

[new song] revealing the conculusion to the story!

Thanks for all of the effort that obviously goes into the work.

Warm regards,

in Singapore

JoCo says

John: wowie. I'm flattered you would take the time to construct such an elaborate story base on my lunatic musings. Maybe Twyla Tharp will want to put together a "Movin' Out" -style review someday...