Sinus Trouble

By JoCo February 22, 2006

Mike Kelley: math lover, sinusitis sufferer. Mike has had a sinus infection for three months and just got a CT scan to figure out what’s wrong. It’s going to be a while before he gets the results from the doctor, so he’s posted it to google video so that the internets will diagnose it for him. The soundtrack to this video may sound familiar to you…

For those of you who noticed, sorry I screwed up the Thing a Week feed last night, it should be back online now.


Jeff says

He has a ton of metal fillings, that's about all I can make of it. I do find it fascinating that you can have your $bodypart scanned and take the scans home with you on a CD to look at them yourself instead of waiting for the doctor to read them in secret.

Anosmia says

From someone who has lost his ability to smell due to chronic sinus stuff, I feel your pain!

Bill says

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