Enough with the Traveling

ByJoCo February 18, 2006

John and I are headed home today. It’s been a really fun trip, but I’m looking forward to being in my own place with my own stuff and my own peeps. Unbelievably, about 40 people came out to see us at Tattered Covers last night, even though it was -4 F outside. I’m not kidding. It was really cold. The air felt positively blue.

You may have noticed some color changes. I’m still messing with it – I like the blue, but I think the orange might be a little much. I’ll see how I feel in a couple days. If any of you color blind people would like to complain, now is the time.

So that’s all for now – I’m off to the airport. Thanks for a swell time, west coast…


Gle3nn says

Whew! I'm glad you said something about the colors. I was beginning to think that maybe that the blow to my head was a little more serious than I thought.

Erik says

This color scheme calms me in a "come gamble at my website" sort of way.

Andrea says

You know, a lot of people who go on tour like to have a "tour" link on their web pages. I'm just saying.

Come to Chicago, you know you want to!
We've got wind and corruption and a gigantic ferris wheel!

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

And then you can fly from there to Vancouver, Canada. We *never* have -4F weather! Ever!

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Glad to see you are finally using NY Mets/NY Knicks colors. Have fun pushing the pram around.

Mythgarr says

What about Utah? We always get the shaft when it comes to touring artists.

Bryan says

Wow... there are 2 people in Utah who know who Jonathan Coulton. That is definitely enough to warrant a stop here... Then again I will be moving in a couple months, but 1 should be more than enough.

Paul says

Blue and orange - Denver Broncos colors? Coincidence?

Daniel says

Please come to Madison, Wisconsin! Pretty please?